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Friday, November 23, 2012

Praying for Frank Pastore

This past week, my friend and fellow kingdom worker Frank Pastore was in a terrible motorcycle accident on the 210 freeway.   Today he is in critical care and in need of a miracle.  I went to visit and pray over him and it was obvious that he is in a very dire need for the power of God to wash over him.
I am simply asking for YOU to take time right now to pray for him, his health and family.  One moment he was on the radio and the next he was in an ICU room.

Frank has always been bold in his faith and not afraid to speak from his heart.  He has perhaps the most influential voice on radio for Jesus Christ.  KKLA 99.5 FM is the largest Christian radio station in America.  Would you please join me in seeking God's hand of healing and blessing to be upon his life at this moment.   I will be posting some videos in the near future in his honor.

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Thomas Ellsworth said...

May the Lord heal Frank if it is in His will - and we pray that it IS in His mighty will to heal Frank and show his power and mercy.

We thank the Lord for allowing and enabling Frank to have served people in Southern California and beyond through the syndication of his radio program.

We cling to Romans 8:28 and await the Lord's answer to the prayers of so many petitioning Him at this time.

Tom & Kim Ellsworth