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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fishing and Temptation

In our series at church called "God Has An App For That" we just finished week number three, talking about "overcoming temptation". In this blog I will post a five minute video clip from that message. This video discusses NOT blaming God for our temptations. And of course if you want to know the number one tool, to help overcome temptation, it's simply reading and studying the word of God.

A great study is to read Psalm 119 and then list on a sheet a paper the number of blessings that result from reading and knowing God's word. If you do a diligent study and list all the blessings of Psalm 119, you would then understand the value and victory that comes from spending time in the greatest book ever written.

So, either start today and immerse yourself in the word or get ready to fail to the temptations that Satan throws your way.

I'll be praying you make the wise choice!

Go to to see the rest of the lessons.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Loving those who serve!

Week after week, at Shepherd of the Hills Church, we hand out over 5 to 6000 bulletins. Someone has to stuff them with the inserts and sermon outlines every week. Most people come to church and grab a bulletin not knowing of the tremendous amount of work needed to provide such bulletins.

Today I was upstairs studying for the sermon this weekend. We are actually starting a new series called "God Has An App For That" based on my new book. So after studying I walked down the hallway to look at the 33 beautiful people that had volunteered their time without fanfare. I had to take their picture and show it to you.

They were a well organized machine working without interruption until I showed up, of course.
Please take a moment and the thank the Lord for all those who serve and volunteer their time in churches across America. And then ask the Lord where he would have you to serve.

If they kept track of the number of bulletins stuffed each week in churches around the world, I'm sure it would outnumber the billions of hamburgers served around the world at McDonald's. Do you agree?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Happy 16th Birthday!!!!!

Justin Bieber who? Today is all about Kerri!

Saw that today was Justin Bieber's birthday and truthfully I really am not concerned.
What I am concerned about is that today is my daughter, Kerri's 16th Birthday.

Sixteen years ago I remember every detail of that special day and with it brings so many mixed emotions.
Primarily, it reminds me that your children grow up way too quickly, as she is the youngest of our three.
But there is something different with this one because with Kerri I know it won't be long before
she, too, like my other children, will be grown and headed off toward full independence. I know that's supposed to happen, but oh does that hurt. Like most parents, I look back over my children's adolescent years with nothing but fond memories and realizing that one can never turn back the hands of time.

Never one day have I ever seen Kerri with a bad attitude.
Never one day have I ever seen Kerri treat someone unfairly.
Never one day have I ever been disappointed in her actions.
Never one day have I ever not seen her honor God.
Never one day have I ever not seen her honor her mother and me.
Never one day have I ever thought she's on the wrong path.
Never one day have I ever seen her not be concerned about helping others.
Never one day have I ever heard her use bad language.
Never one day have I ever not seen her jubilant smile.
Never one day have I ever not been blessed with her life and spirit.
Never one day have I ever seen her not love Jesus.
Never one day have I ever felt worried about how she would turn out. Well, except for one thing!

She told me once when she turned 16 she wanted to start dating boys and I only have ONE THING to say.....

Well, at least I got that out of my system.

Kerri, Happy Birthday Girl! You are the bright and merry star!
I love you more than all the stars in the sky!
I love you more than all the french fries at McDonald's!
I love you more than all the cars on the freeway!
I love you more than all the birds that chirp!
I love you more than all the sand along the shores.

Love Dad