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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Pastor just said OMG!!!

Yes, you heard it! The Pastor not only said OMG! He is getting ready to start a new sermon series this weekend called OMG! You see, our world has lost total reverence and respect for GOD ALMIGHTY! We use his name in vain without even knowing it. We don't even realize we are breaking the 3rd commandment listed in Exodus 20:7. OMG! has become so popular it was recently listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Well, starting this weekend, I am going to tackle this issue. It's time that God's people begin to fear him with reverence and awe. We are going to take the next 5 weeks to look at 5 things you should know BEFORE you utter his name. In fact, if you could some how get your arms around any of these 5 things you would NEVER EVER UTTER HIS NAME IN VAIN! Instead of saying "Oh my God" as a curse word, you would bow before him and say "Oh... My Lord and my God"

I am so anxious to preach this weekend and I hope you will join us at one of our many campuses in Antelope Valley, Aqua Dulce, Woodland Hills, West L.A. or Porter Ranch www.the or if you can not attend personally that you would watch it live on

This series, without question, has the potential to change your life forever! OMG!

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Tai said...

About time someone took it back.

Jeff Perrin said...

Careful what you pray for... Yesterday i caught myself saying OMG numerous times, someone said it's no big deal because they really mean Gosh.... Pastor D says differently and the Bible backs him up on that issue.... Come next weekend and catch this series it will make you understand who our God really is

Jeff Perrin said...

Weight on my shoulders... Never realized how easily OMG came out of my mouth....I really did not think i was using God's name in Vain until i heard and read what the Bible has to say about having a reverence, Awe for God.... Not to be taken so flipped and let his name come out of your mouth like air for breathing...
I now am taking a conscious attempt to take OMG out of my vocabulary,Thank you Cudley Dudley