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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Brewline Bible Study

I was blown away today as I attended and spoke at the Brewline Bible study men's fellowship in San Fernando. About three years ago, some guys from our church started a little Bible study group at Starbucks in San Fernando. Week after week, these men have been faithful to meet at 7:15 a.m. on Saturday mornings. They sing, read some scripture, worship and then have a guest speaker, followed by a time of prayer.

It's lively, funny, serious, engaging and worshipful.

Today, this Bible study group had to meet in a larger room because they had about 250 in attendence. It was such a joy to preach for them and to experience first hand and see what God has done through a group of guys who SIMPLY have a desire to make a difference in San Fernando.

These guys LOVE the LORD. They are hardcore followers of Jesus. It's amazing what God can do when you submit to Him and state, without hesitation, to USE ME LORD. And that is exactly what God is doing. He is using this men's Bible study group to reach the East Valley. They all had their Bible's and they were all hungry for God's word.

I will be faithful to pray for them and if you get a chance, stop by some Saturday morning at 100 San Fernando Rd in San Fernando, CA and be prepared to have God change your heart and direction of your life.

Thank you Brewline for STANDING for Jesus. You blessed me, you humbled me, you taught me and you fed me. Can't wait to do it again.

Be blessed....

Pastor Dudley C. Rutherford


Jeff Perrin said...

Thanks Brewline for those dynamo Tamales and burritos... Made the ride a touch easier, did not have to stop for gas all day...
Other than Pastor getting a flat tire which i thought at first what a drag but as the time went on and we had to work on getting him either back on the road or towed...
It was really something to see our Pastor getting smacked around by the Devil, he did not want Dudley to get to Church, being this weekend is one of his biggest weekends at Shepherd. The Posse did everything we could to keep Moses arm's up, and we did. Dudley was able to leave, we were able to have his bike towed and all was good... (The battle was won)
WWJD.. i told Dudley that WWJD is not what i wear ( i always know what Jesus would do, he is perfect)
I wear DJWW... Devil Just Won't Win.... he will try and give Dudley a flat, or he will try by it supposedly raining on our ride...o no it didnt... The Devil Just Won't Win if when you get into these situations you just keep your eyes focused on the reward and not the issue at hand... We had a great time trying to fix the tire, wait at the Gas station and then sending Dudley off with a car ride from John's sister so he could get ready for Sat night service..... God is Good
It was a memorable last ride, it was a great opportunity to see once again that we are not in control.
Dudley i will teach you openness if you will teach me sensitivity...
Thanks Posse and Stephanie(my Daughter)had a great time
and the message at Church sat night was even better.

.:Kristina:. said...

Wow and I thought there weren't too many good, Jesus-loving men in my neck of the woods. Guess I was wrong. (Are any of them single? lol. Just kidding... or am I?) All kidding aside, I pray for a revival of these type of men throughout the state of California and our country. God bless them and you, Pastor Dudley.

tj glez said...

I love god thank you for all the blessings i go to shepard of the hills and also to the brewline and you feel the love for one another that everybody shares around you the message of christ is love. I want to thank both for delivering the message clearly.