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Friday, October 08, 2010

70,000 Churches and 3.5 million people!

This post is from Dave Ferguson who is doing more for church planting than anyone I know. I only wish he lived in California. This was HIS post on his blog. I wouldn't read his blog on a regular basis unless you want to be challenged to make a difference in the world.
That was a teaser....

Here's what he posted today...

When I looked at my calendar on my iPhone on Wednesday morning it said that I had a 1:30 pm appointment with "Sam from India." I had to ask my assistant Pat, "Who is this and what does he want?" She explained as best she could, but I had no idea that who I was about to meet would be one of the most memorable appointments in a long time. When Samuel Stephens and his son Danny showed up you would never have guessed how God has used them. Both were very unassuming and I felt like I had to pull out of them the amazing things that they have seen God do through their ministry, the India Gospel League.

It was Sam's father that founded the India Gospel League and when Sam took it over in 1992 it had grown to 200 churches. Now, 18 years later under Sam's leadership there are 70,000 churches and more than 3.5 million people that are being reached. Wow!

Here are a few take-aways I had from our conversation together:

Every church has a goal to reproduce at least one new church per year.
Every church planter was in a network that meets monthly.
Every network provides training and accountability for meeting their goal of reproducing.
This was an appointment that I will not soon forget!


Jeff Perrin said...

How could you be a Christian and not want to make a difference in the world, the challenge should be within everyone of us.

Jeff Perrin said...

I guess after hearing last night in church we have only 1,600 attending the table side dinner with Pastor Dudley to see first hand the plans for Shepherd and the plans God has for this West Valley is pretty disturbing. God only cares about one thing, getting his message out so if we do not participate with what is going on then how can we call ourselves Christians.
It's like a brother who said he really did not believe in the trinity, my response was then you are not a Christian.
People it is not for you to decide, pick and choose....IT'S GOD PLAN FOR YOU and if you say No how will you ever know what he has in store for Shepherd, The West Valley, your Family and so much more.? I challenge every man that reads this post to stand up put your shield on and lead your family, your friends, strangers...TO THE WORD and stop questioning what God is doing.