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Monday, September 06, 2010

Standing up for the Church

I know that there are many reasons and excuses why people do not attend church faithfully. I know that as long as man is involved, that the church will always have her flaws. I totally get that on any given Sunday, there are 1000 other things to do, than to take the time to gather the family and attend a local Church. I also understand that it’s possible, if not likely, for you to actually attend a church, to show up and feel as though you didn’t get anything out of it. (Just so you know, going to Church has more to do with the worship you have to offer than anything you expect to receive. It’s not about you. It’s about God and you giving him your worship and praise).

But for what its worth (which in my opinion, this list is priceless) let me share with you just a few of the many reasons why I believe you should be in Church EACH and EVERY weekend. These are what I call “the benefits of belonging and attending a local congregation”. This is a partial list of why Church should be a priority. While this is a small list, it is a powerful list, because each one is reason enough to attend. Add them or multiply their collective value and you quickly discover it’s the ONLY place to be on Sunday.

1 God will be there…. Enough said.
2 It’s where you learn God’s word…. What is that worth?
3 You are commanded to be there… Sorry, it’s true.
4 Salvation is available and recommended… Why wouldn’t you want that?
5 You’ll discover God’s perfect and pleasing will for your life. Priceless
6 A place of prayer. You actually get to talk to God… wow
7 Communion is served each week, in obedience to Jesus request.
8 People are baptized there, each week, into Christ.
9 It’s literally belonging to the family of God.
10 You’ll find help in resisting all kinds of temptation.
11 A place to use your gifts to serve the Body of Christ.
12 It is an investment in things that are eternal.
13 The best place to reinforce Godly principles to your children.
14 Worship that prepares you for worship in heaven.
15 When Jesus comes back, he’s coming for His Church, the bride.
16 You’ll find accountability in your walk with the Lord.
17 It represents what heaven will look like.
18 It’s a place to find food for your spiritual soul.
19 God’s Spirit moves powerfully through the believer
20 Strengthens one’s walk with the Lord.

What else could I say that would cause you to want to join? I honestly think there is something wrong if you wouldn’t want to join. Seriously, look at the list and think about why you wouldn’t want to attend each week.

Why not make Church a priority and instead of always seeing what’s wrong with the church, find a way to focus on what’s good about the Church. Instead of criticizing the church, why not defend the church and embrace the church.

Don’t forget, she is the Bride of Christ and one day soon, Jesus is going to return for his Bride. Will he find you in the church or will he find you outside the church? I’m praying and trusting that Church will become a priority for each and every person.


Seana said...

Great post, Pastor. It does become frustrating when people are criticizing the church and its people. I can only imagine how that hurts the heart of God. However, I also think that it takes more then GOING to church to BE the church. I know people in the world that have no church to go to, but meet with other believers in their home and are living as the church... pretty powerful force. So, no matter what form of church exists, we must not forsake meeting together and building one another up!

jeff perrin said...

I attend Saturday and Sunday, not because i am looking for benefits for me, i already get that when i sit next to an elderly woman on Saturday's service and help her with communion or hold the door open for a woman who was disabled on Sunday, only to find out she got Baptized that very service, or be able to help clean up the house before the next service.... Not being in Church everyday seems nonsensical but not to attend on Saturday or Sunday is simply a lack of love towards not only yourself but everyone that normally would come into contact with you on Saturday or Sunday. Now i can't imagine not attending Saturday and seeing my elderly friend or being able to sing at both Saturday and Sunday services.
Like you said Pastor D....
God will be there, enough said!

jeff perrin said...

The hunger that dominates your thinking--either for worldly satisfaction or for Holy living---will tell you Jesus' place of priority in your life....

I guess we all have to ask ourselves what is really important in our life and what dog will win the battle inside of you, the one you feed....
Feeding your profession or feeding your study in the word.
Feeding your addiction or feeding your ability to quit.
Feeding your a good person attitude or coming to Church with a Godly attitude.
Feeding your bank account or feeding the Church's growth....
Being a part of Miracle in the making or sit back and complain about the traffic and inconvenience....
Just remind yourself to look at Isaiah 53 and then look at our three Jewish boys from this last weekend series....

Time to get off the Box, time to bring your Bible to class with you and how about a pen, can't make notes with your fingers....
Are we going to get serious about Jesus or we going to continue to pretend we belong to some good old boys club.....
Love ya

Charlene said...

What is God's definition of "church?"
What is the verse that commands it?

jeff perrin said...

Charlene, The Church is the people, not a building, the Bible is filled with verses about when two or more come together, that is considered church. Take a look at
Hebrews 10:25
Acts Chapter 16:5
Matthew 16:18
Just to mention a few but always remember we come to church to worship and sing to the lord, share in communion with other believers and hear God's word.
So many folks get wrapped up in the building and how perfect it should be but always remember church is you and me coming together discussing and hearing God's word, holding one another up, accountable and committed to following Jesus....
Hope that helps