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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday night with Glenn Beck and David Barton

Tonight was a night I will never forget as I attended an event at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. It was billed as “an evening of prayer and spiritual renewal, hosted by Glenn Beck and David Barton”. I wish everyone in America could have been in that Performing Arts center to hear what I heard and to experience what I experienced.

I sat on the next to last row of the third level and I watched in amazement and thanksgiving for the events that unfolded. It started at 7:30 with music and worship, every song that was sung were songs that we know and sing at Shepherd. The first 45 minutes, everyone on that stage was African-American. The audience was electric in their praise and worship to Almighty God.

The first man to speak, I don’t know his name, was a congressman who led our hearts in prayer. He told us that there are a number of congressman who pray every day and that there have been MANY times where they have stood for the things of God when congress often tried to remove God from the Washington Monument, from our currency, from the flag certificates and other such things. His prayer was stirring… and from that moment on I cried most of the night.

Next a Rabbi spoke from the book of Genesis, explaining that we are all on this planet because of a creator God and that he put us here for a reason. He explained that there are those who believe our only right is choice. That we can choose whatever we want to do and he explained that was not why we were placed here. He said our only task is to do what GOD commands us to do. Therefore marriage is a union between a man and a woman. You can’t say, “I have the right to marry 4 people, or people of the same sex, or to abort a child because it’s convenient for you.” It was a very moving message.

Then Miles McPherson spoke and he stirred the audience with a message that the Church needs to wake up and begin to engage with the world in making a difference for God. Taking Jesus to our cities is imperative. That our cities are in trouble and that Jesus is the answer.

Then…. Drum roll…… Chuck and Gina Norris, who attended our church when they were living in L.A. came out and Chuck read several quotes from our founding fathers about how they trusted and depended upon God for their provision and their protection.

Then, different bible teachers and evangelist spoke along with David Barton who constantly spoke about how preachers helped shape our constitution and that many of our founding fathers listened to the preachers of the land. He talked about how 91 percent of the first 250 colleges in this country were led by ordained ministers.

Glenn Beck got up at the end and simply said that we as a nation need to turn back to God, that our problems will never be solved by any one man. He mentioned that it involves each of us “asking God what God wants us to do and then doing it”.

Not once, did I hear the word “Democrat or Republican”
Not once, did I hear the name of our current or former President.
It was simply a call to our Nation to turn back to God.

As I conclude this brief synopsis, let me explain some things about Glenn Beck. I am trying to figure him out and unlike some of you that have already made up your mind and have no room that you might be wrong about him, whether in a positive manner or negative manner. I am watching a man that God is using to bring together people from all walks of life for a common purpose of bringing our nation back to God.

I listened intently to every word he spoke and here is what I believe is happening. I believe that God is USING him for a purpose not known to us. Glenn loves David Barton and David is a Christian to the core and God is using David to speak to Glenn’s heart and soul. Glenn can NOT figure out exactly what is going on… he keeps saying he’s feeling something that he has never felt before and I feel as though God is surrounding him with Christian preachers and that Glenn is hearing things articulated that you and I have heard many times but he is just now hearing it and God is opening up his heart to the truth found in the word of God. He says things from time to time that you would expect from someone who really does NOT know the Bible, but I believe that God is teaching him the bible from all these Christian preachers that he has gathered around himself. It’s fascinating to watch.

I’m telling you tonight was like the beginning of a Revival for our country with Asians, Latinos, African-Americans and people from all walks of life singing praise songs and calling upon God to restore our Nation and we pray and call out to him.

If you have ever attended our Day of Prayer and Fasting, that was what this event was like and they said tomorrow (Saturday) will be more of the same. I hope you will tune in yourself and watch on TV and make your own judgment on what you see and hear, and I believe, like me, you will cry as you see God using a man that no one would have ever thought to use, to help bring America back to God.

I am hoping and praying that tomorrow will be like tonight. I don’t know, maybe it will get all political and stuff, but tonight I didn’t hear ONE word that came anywhere near being labeled political. Tomorrow, I pray will begin the next great awakening in America.


Twinters said...

Thanks for the update Dudley praying for you and all the folks involved in the gathering there in D.C. Especially praying for our country

jeff perrin said...

We will hear what you heard and experience what you are our Pastor, and all are being called to get up and stand for Jesus, we cannot allow this tolerance and feel good world to keep kicking us Jesus Followers around, our God is so much bigger than whats going on.. The problem is we tend to stand on this box and yell at everyone instead of getting down off the box and start pulling the weeds
(Mr Rutherford)We cannot sleep any loner, it is time to do something, the question is what?
Keeping it real

jeff perrin said...

I also got rid of my Face Book account, Twitter and all other blogs i was involved with... Seems to me that we have gotten so good at electronic talk that we are going global but have forgotten to stay Local... We can't even say hello to our neighbor but we are on FB telling the world about our breakfast and daily activities....
All good, we need to start touching folks standing right next to us.
Face to Face....
See you soon Pastor D and be safe. said...

Nice Photo said...

Michael Taggart said...

My spirit is so encouraged. Dudley, thank you for going and sharing this experience with all of us.

.:Kristina:. said...

I'm so jealous Pastor Dudley! I'm glad you are there though. We need to show the world that we won't sit down and take it anymore and that we are a country to be proud of! God bless you and God bless America!

Victoria said...

Pastor Dudley,

We didn't get the chance to attend 8/28, but we did stream Friday night -- it was amazing. My husband and I were also in tears most of the night. We were able to watch Saturday's event on C-Span, it was incredible to see so many people there. It definately looked as though they were there to bring GOD back into our country! Americans are crying out for HIM again. We are also praying for Glenn. We have noticed all the wonderful Christians he has around him and are very sure there must be a lot of prayer going on for him. We were absolutely surprised when watching yesterday when they brought out the new 230 Black Robe Brigade Preachers, there standing behind David Barton was our Preacher! HA! What a wonderful surprise. We are very proud of you and will diligently keep you in our prayers.
In Christ, Vicki and Allen Petrowski

craftnlass said...


I was not able to attend the 8/28 rally but I'm grateful to God that you were able to attend. I've been listening and watching Glenn Beck through his journey with Christ. He asked that we pray for 40 days that a miracle will happen. It happened for me seeing You at the rally. God has let me know that our family has a home church. We are going to join Shepherd of the Hills.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

God Bless You.

Doris Springer
Lake View Terrace, CA.

david b said...

I think we need to be very careful about how much we listen to what Mr. Beck has to say. I was encouraged when he recanted his assertion that President Obama was a racist. But so many other hateful things have come from his mouth. He may surround himself with Christian people, but I can't help but think of Jesus' warning to be careful of false prophets. I do hope that God is indeed working in his life. I hope he does stop his hateful rhetoric. I think it will take more than one rally such as this one to convince me that his motives are genuinely to promote a spiritual revival in this country. david

B said...

I consider seeing you there on stage with Glenn Beck as a validation of our family's political-religious views. My family had hoped to go but was not able to in the end..
How great that our pastor was there...
David Barton's DVD's are terrific. P-Dudley, bring him to our church???

Elizabeth Bennet said...

Hello Dudley,

I just saw a link on Facebook from David Barton/Wallbuilders that he suggested to take a look that your blog and I'm now a follower. God bless you and your ministry.

Miss Bennet

PS Come stop by my site, I'm a writer of historical/modern fiction. =)

discipled-one said...

Pastor what you said in the blog is spot on!! This IS about God and not our political persuasions. I believe as you do, that we need to turn our faces toward God. Part of doing that is to be active in politics. I have a blog that talks about such things. If you are interested in reading it you can find it at

I hope this comment find you and your family well, and your church is mighty blessed and highly favored. As they saying goes "Many hands make light work" I am honored to "till the field" with a man such as yourself.

Shell said...

I believe as you do that the Lord is working through Glenn Beck and many other spiritual leaders at this time to bring all of His children back to our Spiritual beginnings.
As you know, the Lord uses those who we may not see as worthy or capable of carrying the message or to lead. All things can be done in the Lord.
It is up to each one of us to find God and make Him the center. I believe that many of us needed the push that Glenn was able to give through his vast connections and audiences that he has. It doesn't matter HOW we come together, just that we DO.
God Bless all that have the faith to stand and God give strength to all those that do not!

jeff perrin said...

I am hoping you prayed for another great awakening....for UCLA
I just read your tweet on USC and i know you are jealous but it is not becoming to be a hater...
Two fingers in the air simply means UCLA will always be second....

jeff perrin said...

Love ya Pator but UCLA looked like a Pop Warner team yesterday....
UCLA..... U Can Loose Again

By The Way, Good to have you back

Chris Ray said...

Alright, you convinced me to at least youtube the event and give Glenn one more chance.

I didn't write him off because of Mormonism. It was more of the fact he was so super Right-Wing, I figured he couldn't even believe what he was saying, and it was just a ratings ploy.