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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mike and Lucille Williams

Just a quick word on the BEST children's pastor in AMERICA. Mike and Lucille (aka Sarah Palin) Williams have been serving here at Shepherd for more than 8 years. Mike oversees birth through 5th grade and has a team of dedicated staff and volunteers that enable him to lead close to 1200 children each weekend throughout all 5 of our worship services.

One of the PILLARS of our church is the quality and care that is given to our children and their parents each week. Mike and his staff are dedicated to making sure each child is cared for and properly taught the Word of God.

Just recently, we had a Baby Dedication Service in which approximately 100 children dedicated to the Lord. Each parent went through a class and the value of raising children in a Godly home was explained. Then, during the service, Mike preached a powerful message from God's Word, furthering the importance of Godly parenting.

Whenever you find a great church, you know there must be a top-of-the-line children's ministry, and we are so blessed here at Shepherd to have such a Godly man like Mike and his entire family working on the Lord's behalf.

A GIANT word of thanks to Mike and Lucille and the time and energies invested in the children of Shepherd.


Ceci said...

Shepherd of the Hills has such a powerful children's ministry we drive an hour back and forth each week to bring our child to small stars. My husband and I were visiting some friends in northern california over the the 4th of July weekend. They have a daughter in college who was home for summer-she was struck what a powerful impact Shepherd's kids program had had on her when she was ten years old and visiting an uncle who was a member of the church. You are reaching many and impacting the world.

PoP said...

AMEN!!! Yes Pastor Mike IS THEEEEE BESST!!!!! He is such a WONDERFUL Man of God!!!!! My son really enjoys & looks forward to worshiping at SOTH every weekend!!! I have so much LOVE, RESPECT & ADMIRATION for Pastor Mike and how he leads his WONDERFUL Staff! He is truly and GREAT INFLUENCE to all the kids and we are GRATEFUL for him!!! WE LOVE YOU, PASTOR MIKE!!!! :):):) <3 <3 <3

barbwyr said...

Mike has been a blessing to us in helping to raise our daughter to understand God's plan for us. Not only on the grand scale but in the little things. Mike sees her on her down days and is always looking for that smile she has tucked away. He seeks out those kids who need him and it's peace of mind to know that we have another partner in teaching our daughter to be a Godly young lady. Thank you Mike and Lucille for all your hard work.
David Willard and Family.

Thankfull4hisGrace said...

Thanks to Pastor Mike for all the hard work, and the excellent childrens ministry at SOTH.

The Toma family
Craig, Kelly, Kaylee, Kenzie, Christian.

PoP said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU TO PASTOR DUDLEY TOO! :) I came to comment on this blog post because I agree, Pastor Mike and Mrs. Lu, and Staff are all SO TERRIFIC!!! :) I couldn't ask for a better Children's Ministry!!! :D But, I also didn't have any place to post my comment on YOU, Pastor Dudley!!! :D So, I just wanted to say~Thank you Pastor Dudley, not only for a FANTASTIC AMAZING CHILDREN'S MINISTRY but also THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL CHURCH MINISTRY ALL TOGETHER! You lead an AMAZING GROUP OF PASTORS, STAFF, LEADERS & VOLUNTEERS!!!! We pray for all of them, each day as we are so BLESSED by each and every one of you involved in making this the BEST CHURCH EVER! :) SOTH #1 :)