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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Call on Jesus and the Conductor

Jeff Marsh is a famous international conductor, who I met while serving jury duty in Chatsworth, and he is a member of our church. He helps conduct our orchestra, and recently, he sent me these pictures and a very kind note. I thought I'd show these pictures to you... Notice he is wearing a Call on Jesus shirt and using it as a witnessing tool. I love stories like this and wanted to share it with you. Can you please pray for Jeff, as God has put him into some very high circles that he would continue to let his light shine and use his gifts to point people to Jesus?

Below, you will find a couple pictures of Jeff conducting members of the Seattle Symphony last March. There were 80 musicians in the orchestra and about 35 in the choir.

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Motu said...

Wow that's great! Being a working conductor is an amazing feat in itself. And to have one who is boldly in love with Jesus is even more amazing! I will pray for Jeff and that he will continue to find favor in this arena.