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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Christian Parent Pledge

1. Each day I will spend as least as much time
with my child as I do with my TV.

2. Each day I will share at least one fun-filled
learning experience with my child.

3. Each day I will affirm my child as a person.

4. Each day I will affirm my Lord (praise Him,
thank Him, honor Him) in the presence of my child.

5. Each day I will affirm my mate in the presence of my child.

6. Each day I will say, “I love you” to my child.

7. Each day I will make one truth from God’s Word the delight of my child’s life.

8. Each day I will pray for my child, by name.

9. Each day I will read something to my child that will build his/her love for the Lord and the joy of reading.

10.Each day I will help my child feel the warmth of my personal presence by an embrace, a hug or a kiss.


jogo1 said...

Pastor Dudley.I want to thank you for serving the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul. The words the Lord has given you has made a difference in my families life and mine. You are a great leader and faithful servant. I praise God, the Lord almighty for putting you in our lives. Keep fighting the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith. The Lord never fails, this is what Ilearned from you, this is also what I have read in the bible and now this is what I believe and live by. I sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I thank him for all you do! Keep spreading the good news because this is how i found outa bout the Lord.May the Lord keep Blessing you and your family the way he has blessed me and my family.

Joseph Gomez

Bee Ruto said...

TOdays message was uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. Thank you for having this topic which many people have questions about, for example the way to discipline a child without sending the wrong message. Looking forward to the future teachings on this topic. thank you

The Apostille Guy said...

Although I am not yet a parent I do hope and pray to one day adopt a child from Haiti. I am enjoying your curent series. I believe it's the best counseling I can get. Thank you