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Monday, March 08, 2010

My time on Praise the Lord

In case you weren't able to catch my visit with the folks at Praise the Lord, here is the clip of my time on the show:

Dudley on TBN from Call On Jesus on Vimeo.


jeff perrin said...

TBN is to say the least, something we all need to research and not fall into there snares of false teaching..
A friend asked the other day... i thought you had issues with TBN, I DO but then he proceeded to ask why our Pastor was on the health and wealth station....
Maybe you might find something of use on TBN but for the most part it is pure heresy.
I can only pray that people do not accept something for it's face value and gets some homework and research done...

Terry Ballard C-21 Crosgrove Realty said...

Pastor Dudley,
I looked for your TV show on Sunday the last 2 weeks at 10:30 Ca. time and you haven't been on.
What happened? Are you still doing your show?

Dawn said...

Hey Pastor Dudley--
I didn't catch you on TBN--I try to just check
in every now and then--there's something
not kosher with them these days--but I wanted
to take this time and thank you for always
being true to The Gospel Of Jesus Christ!
To teach/preach the Word of God all
the time--in season and out and being so
articulate and compassionate about your
burden--I am inspired each time I hear
you and can't wait to hear what The Lord
has put in your heart each Sunday!
Thank you for being that vessel for so
many, many people--I have asked friends
and family to watch you on the website
so that they can--wherever they are in
the country be inspired by your interpretation
and discernment of The Word!
Just a quick one to thank you for glorifying
our Saviour all the time'
Be Blessed!

Charles Putnam said...

I must express my concern about being on TBN/PTL, given their promotion of unsound and heretical doctrines (i.e. Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel). Additionally, the reference to "The Shack", which presents God in a very unbiblical view.