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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Out of Shepherd and Into Japan!

Japan is such a beautiful country with so much culture and technology, many neat trends, and a wonderful people. But it is a country that needs Jesus. Did you know that only one percent of the nation is Christian? Mike Ackerman is a man from our church who embarked on an adventure of faith--moving to Japan a couple of years ago with his wife and two small children to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this unreached nation. Check out what he's doing:

MUSTARD SEED クリスチャン教会で何をするの? from Mustard Seed on Vimeo.

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david b said...

Pastor Dudley,
My wife's parents were born in Japan. Her mother came from a Christian family, but her father was Buddhist. As a young man, he attacked Christian churches, destroying crosses and Bibles. Through what can only be described as a miracle, he became a Christian. He was disowned by his family - who later became Christians themselves. He was imprisoned and tortured during World War II for refusing to accept the Emperor as a god. After the war, he and his wife came to the U.S. to become missionaries to the Japanese-speaking people in America who didn't know the Gospel. They have traveled throughout the United States and Canada in a motor home, speaking to individuals and small groups. Only now, both in their 80's, were they forced by health problems and old age to stop their "Gospel Circuit Rider" ministry. They still correspond with hundreds of Japanese-speaking Americans by mail - sharing their faith and counseling.

I just wanted to share their ministry with you. They are living with us and are a constant reminder of God's love and God's miracles. When they first came to the U.S., they were asked by the immigration official why they were coming to the America. They responded that they were coming as missionaries. The official was dumbfounded that Japanese people would be coming to America as missionaries. Their testimony of their faith is an amazing story of how God choses people to do His work.