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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Part 2 Auschwitz

Hair from those who died
80,000 pairs of shoes
Digging a ditch.
The ditch serves as a reminder of those who died while fighting to remain alive.
Walking through the Concentration Camp brings about an eerie feeling. Knowing that whereever YOU WALK, you are walking where people lost their lives for no other reason except on the basis of their race.

As you walk from barrack to barrack, they are now set up as museums. There has been much debate on whether or not they should serve as museums. Some believe that the camps should serve as a cemetery and others regard it as a memorial institute.

I walked into one room, and at first, I simply did NOT know what I was looking at... And then it dawned n me... It was the hair that had been shaved off all the prisoners. (see picture above) In another room were the shoes. (see picture above) In yet another room, there were all the brushes and combs. Every room, every step took your breath away, and you felt as though your heart was going to burst.

There was a picture posted of a ditch that was being dug by the prisoners that were strong enough NOT to be sent immediately to the gas chambers, and then I took a picture of what the ditch looks like today. (see picture above)

These are just a few of the things I saw and experienced. I hope to post a video soon but right now, I canNOT get it to post. So please check back in a few days and look for my thoughts via video....

May God help us to value life and defend the defenseless.


Sports beat Writer said...

I wanted to comment on Auschwitz, part 2, The sad thing is that The present leader in Iran has said on several occassions that the Holocaust was a big Lie by the Jews.Furtermore, The Leader had the gall to have a "supposed" conference which was made of people
like The Iranian President. I think that we need to learn from this major event in History to fully appreciate God and the holy spirit. I think that when we hide under a falsehood of life we
tend to not be honest or real with God. From Aushwitz to the present, We need to help others, instead of judging others, we need to fully love one another and not cause such pain or hate in another. We need to act christlike,and be humble.

The Kaylor Kastle said...

It is hard to fathom until you see it in person. I could read hear your heart through your post and remembered my time at Dachau as you explained the pictures. We miss you Dudley and the gang at Shepherd still!

rhodders said...

Hi,I would just like to say I found your blog very interesting and insightful. I visited Auschwitz as part of the lessons from Auschwitz project I decided to write an article in the school magazine about it and hope to post it on a blog at some point. Like you I felt daunted about writing about something so incomprehensible, I was worried that I would not do it justice. I read something similar to you at the beginning expressing this. I Honestly I think we should write about it, so the memories do not die with the victims. It is frightening how easily the whole thing could be denied.