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Thursday, May 07, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Salvador Fuentes our Spanish Pastor and Jim Tolle from Church on the Way
This morning Shepherd hosted a National Day of Prayer from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. We prayed for our country, our President, our church and for our government officials.
We spent time praying for our firefighters and police officers. We prayed for our young people and then we spent some time praying for Hollywood.

On the platform we had Terry Fahy from KKLA, Annett Davis, Jim Beebe, Jeff Fischer, Brittany Lee, Philip Wagner, Bob Levy, Chuck Smith, Sue Tatui, Salvador Fuentes, Steve Cook, Paul Brown, Jae Youn Kim, Michael Chitgian, David Kendrick, Chip Hurd, David Brown, David Cox, Ken Crawford, Caleb Kaltenbach, Jim Tolle and Seana Scott.

High School Students from Hillcrest Christian School and L.A.B served us breakfast and we had Michael North leading worship and a special drama number and a special song by Leyla Guerrero.

Today I was blessed though just by the spirit and desire of all the people who came to pray. I know that people are busy and need to be at work, but so many folks took the time to join us and to call out to the Lord our God.

A small thought went through my mind about how much BETTER our country would be if we were more faithful as a nation to pray for God's blessing and protection. If we honored him with the way we lived our lives. If we served him and served others with his level of sacrifice. I pray that today was more than just a morning of prayer, but that we would truly become PEOPLE of PRAYER.


Pastor's Perspective said...

Sounds like a great Heaven-moving event Dudley! We held a breakfast yesterday as well and experienced beautiful and touching scenes. Most notably two neighboring mayors publicly praying for each other. In of all places northern California near San Francisco!

Temitope said...

Thanks for the prayer report and God bless You. It makes me feel like praying... I love you, but God loves you more!