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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miles McPherson on Larry King Live

Pastor Miles of the Rock Church in San Diego is a friend of mine and answers Larry King's questions about the Prop 8 victory and why traditional, biblical marriage is so important:


Aileen said...

Thank you Pastor for posting this!

Pastor Miles, you brought it like you always do!

I hope that everyone saw this last night and that many minds were changed because of it, we will pray that they were!

Praise God for you both preaching you do and standing on His Precious and Holy Word!



ziONus1 said...

finally there at the end miles mentioned GOD. honestly Pastor Dudley, the woman made more sense because she said it's good parenting that effects children and not a child not having a mother and father. which is true because there are so many people who are lost and effected for the worse in families who have a mother and father because the parents are bad ones. a marriage between a man and woman is no good if the couple does not have GOD as it is with everything else, like a church. JESUS is the WAY and GOD is what matters in all this and the reason we are against same-sex marriage is because GOD says not to do it in HIS WORD and we are to honor HIM. We are to convince, rebuke and exhort. to be ready in season and out. i just wonder if Pastor Miles was not allowed to really talk about GOD or the bible because he really didn't. if i didn't know the TRUTH, i would never of thought miles was representing GOD. i can't be sorry about coming against this video because what should be the focus is GOD and i just didn't see that and also because there was a pastor on there. we don't need mothers and fathers, we need JESUS and that's the Truth.

the sportsreporter said...

Dudley, I have been writing a book regarding the illegal use of anabolic Steroids and its deep
underlining effects. I found that
this issue is so rampant that christains needs to learn about it's effect on many athletes from
elementary sports to College and to the Pros. It is amazing that most people that take this substance have bouts with Cancer, heart attacks and as well strokes.
I would love for you to educate the
fine people at Shepard.

diannamaar said...

What a blessing it is to see someone courageously speaking out God's truth and design for mankind in the liberal media! Thank you Dudley for taking the time to keep us all in the loop. This is a special blessing for those of us who have moved away.
May God bless you.
Dianna Maar

Amanda said...

The lady said that MIles' argument on single parents "is slightly insulting to the single parents." NOT TRUE. My mother raised four kids on her own for most of my childhood. She knows the statistics of fatherless children, she took us to church every Sunday (or Saturday :), and God really put his hedge around us. I thank my mom and my Heavenly Father who protected us from any harm. We were truly blessed. It was hard on her and she will admit it and she will also admit that us having a father would have probably been better for us.

Being a product of a single parent home, I know that life may have been a little harder on me. I am reminded of John Mayers' song, "Daughters." In the beginning of my marriage, I think being a woman who was a fatherless child made it hard on certain aspects of my marriage. But with my faith in God, He has helped me to see where I may have been scared, where I needed to forgive, and it has made my marriage stronger. And I thank God for my husbands patience with me also.

I also want to thank the Lord for a pastor who was and still is able to show the perfect Father's love each and every weekend at Shepherd of the Hills! Thank you Jesus!