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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miles McPherson on Larry King Live

Pastor Miles of the Rock Church in San Diego is a friend of mine and answers Larry King's questions about the Prop 8 victory and why traditional, biblical marriage is so important:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Great Crew and the Blue Crew

We have perhaps the best maintenance crew of any church in America. These guys are HARD WORKERS and they have the BEST attitudes. They are a personal blessing to me and our church is INDEBTED to this crew. They do more than just clean, they keep our campus looking BRAND NEW, as though it was built just last week.

A few days ago, a man in our church, named Tom Ellsworth, DONATED to our church a sky box at Dodger Stadium and pastor Tim decided to take the maintenance crew down to the ball game and quite a game it turned out to be. I think the Dodgers won in the 11th or 12th inning over the New York Mets.

I ran down there for just a little while just to show my appreciation to the entire crew. I want to thank Tom for donating the sky box and I think it was one of the coolest things EVER for this CREW to to be able to go down and watch the BLUE CREW.

Thank you Kate, Gary and the WHOLE team. You are a blessing to us all.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Missionary to Japan

This is Mike Ackerman who spent several months working at our church and is currently working and serving in Japan. Japan is less than 1% Christian and he has already learned the language and is back trying to raise some support. I want you to know, that if you are looking for a way to help make a difference in the world, you could do it by simply supporting his ministry.

His website is and stands for Mustard Seed Global Fellowship. I have been to the city that he working in (it's the size of Chicago) and there are in need of YOUR HELP. Please do some research and pray about what you could do to help him and his team. You can be on the front lines by giving and praying for his work.

I am always IMPRESSED when I meet people like Mike and his wife Erin who are willing to leave the comforts of America and travel to a part of the world that is NIGHT and DAY different all for the sake of the Gospel. I wish I had such faith.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Info from my good friend Pastor Caleb

I've loved how our "7" sermon series is going so far. This Sunday is going to be a powerful Sunday as you all pray about who you will bring to church for our "Whobody Day."

This Sunday, the Woodland Hills campus is doing something special as well.

They are having an 8 week Theology series every Sunday night from 6-7:30pm.

Each night will feature a different Bible college or seminary professor, some teaching, and Q & A time where the audience can ask questions. The series will be held at the Woodland Hills Academy (20800 Burbank Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91367---2 blocks north of the 101 on DeSoto, across the street from Kaiser).

I encourage you to attend one of these sessions, as it will enrich our study of His Word as we dig deeper into the issues...and bring some tough questions for these guys. They've spent time wrestling with these issues.

Below are the dates, speakers, and topics.
-May 17, "Intelligent Design/Creationism" by Dr. John Bloom, Biola University

-May 24, "Can we Trust the Gospels?" by Dr. Mickey Klink, Talbot School of Theology

-May 31, "The Person of the Holy Spirit" by Dr. David Timms, Hope International University

-June 7, "Digging Deep into Sovereignty of God" by Dr. Ashish Naidu, Talbot School of Theology

-June 14, "Views on the End Times" by Dr. Mark Saucy, Talbot School of Theology

-June 21, "Understanding the Cults" by Dr. Kevin Lewis, Biola University

-June 28, "Christian Ethics in the 21st Century" by Dr. Tim Pickavance, Talbot School of Theology

-July 5, "Current Issues in New Testament Studies" by Dr. Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

Thursday, May 07, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Salvador Fuentes our Spanish Pastor and Jim Tolle from Church on the Way
This morning Shepherd hosted a National Day of Prayer from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. We prayed for our country, our President, our church and for our government officials.
We spent time praying for our firefighters and police officers. We prayed for our young people and then we spent some time praying for Hollywood.

On the platform we had Terry Fahy from KKLA, Annett Davis, Jim Beebe, Jeff Fischer, Brittany Lee, Philip Wagner, Bob Levy, Chuck Smith, Sue Tatui, Salvador Fuentes, Steve Cook, Paul Brown, Jae Youn Kim, Michael Chitgian, David Kendrick, Chip Hurd, David Brown, David Cox, Ken Crawford, Caleb Kaltenbach, Jim Tolle and Seana Scott.

High School Students from Hillcrest Christian School and L.A.B served us breakfast and we had Michael North leading worship and a special drama number and a special song by Leyla Guerrero.

Today I was blessed though just by the spirit and desire of all the people who came to pray. I know that people are busy and need to be at work, but so many folks took the time to join us and to call out to the Lord our God.

A small thought went through my mind about how much BETTER our country would be if we were more faithful as a nation to pray for God's blessing and protection. If we honored him with the way we lived our lives. If we served him and served others with his level of sacrifice. I pray that today was more than just a morning of prayer, but that we would truly become PEOPLE of PRAYER.

My Brother Deano

On a recent weekend I took my little motorcycle group called the Pastors Posse down to Hemet, California. My brother Deano is the minister of a church called Hemet Christian Church. You can google him to find him. Deano LOVES to preach and does a great job going into smaller churches and getting them turned around. Dean has always been a funny guy and says whatever comes to his mind. And at times that has gotten him into trouble but underneath all his funny things he still loves the Lord and he still wants to build a great church.

If you are ever in Hemet or live NEAR there go visit him. He can always use some encouragement and please tell him hello for me.

I want to thank the HOLY THUNDER aka Pastor's Posse for riding with me recently. We rode to his church and I preached and then we rode home. It was a blast.