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Friday, April 17, 2009

For Men Only For Women Only

The next two weeks I will be preaching a sermon to the men in the church and then to the women. To be clear I want every one to hear both messages but I want to be up front that this coming weekend I will primarily be talking to men and the following week their counterparts.

We are living in a day and age where men are abandoning their God given role to lead. I want to challange the MEN in our CHURCH to step up to the "spiritual plate" and be willing to SEEK GOD with ALL THEIR HEART.

There are MANY things that would result if only our men became GODLY MEN.
Please join us this coming weekend. Bring your bible and a friend.



peace at heaven said...

My son was a member at your church, he was a godly man, I visited your church with him a couple of times, since i don't leave nearby. He was a Godly man, was saved, & lived by God's word, till one day he became depressed over a personal situation, drank one night & commited suicide. Do you believe that the Lord forgave him? Please tell me your true opinion, I can handle it. Mother

jeff perrin said...

Great Sermon, now what do we do??

Teri Harris Castillo said...

Saw this quote and thought it would be perfect for the "Women Only"

"A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man must be seeking the Lord to find it."~ Maya Angelou

You're the best. Thanks for all you do.

jeff perrin said...

Mother, i read your post and had to sit down and think about how bad a situation must be to take your life.
I can't imagine how your son was feeling or what he was thinking but i know one thing is for sure, God does not make mistakes. I really believe God will use you to make your son live on, in whatever fashion God chooses, our job is not to question but simply to answer with a yes when he calls us to witness or come to another's side in a similar situation. Your question to the Pastor is understandable but please do not look towards man for the answers but turn to God and ask him to reveal the answers to your questions. I know that God after i have and keep screwing up continues to put his arms around me and says i hate what you are doing but i still love you and always will.....
That is a forgiving love that you and i as parents should grab unto, a love that is so huge that we need to tell the whole world, a comfort and peace that our society needs to look towards.Ask yourself the question, what if your son took his life and wasn't saved or you did not have the opportunity to come to church with him, what if God is looking towards you to ease the pain of another... like me or the person we sit next to in Church...
I guess you helped me with my question, Now What Do We Do..Get up, Get out and tell the world, tell anyone who will listen about your story and focus on God's healing love.
Thanks for posting and making me look in the mirror.
Way to much to do for me to consider stepping out.

Seana said...

Great sermon this weekend... confirmed some things God has been teaching me, where I lack in Him, but also realize how far God has brought me in regards to being a Prov. 31 woman. Your lovely wife is one of the examples I look to- especially being in the ministry. SHE IS AWESOME!!!!! You chose well when you married Renee. Blessings to you, Pastor.