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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gennifer Brandon

Friday night (Tonight) at the Galen Center at 6:00 p.m. Chatsworth High School will be competing for a Div.I City championship led by McDonald's All American Gennifer Brandon.

If you've never seen Gennifer play, and you are looking for something to do Friday night, come to the Galen Center and watch one of America's GREATEST basketball players. Gennifer loves the Lord and plays with such intensity that it's almost unfair to everyone else.

She is the first female McDonald's All American to ever come out of the Valley. Keep on the lookout and you just might see her in one of the services at Shepherd. I am 6'5" tall, so I'll let you guess how tall she is.

She has a full ride to Cal Berkley and she will be a star in the Pac Ten.

Keep her in your prayers... God has GREAT PLANS for this girl. GO GENGEN!!!


Rev William Porter said...
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Aiden's Mommy said...

Yes we got your message last week and this week and every week for that matter. You are amazing! :)

Pastor's Perspective said...

We'd love for Gennifer to come and worship with us when she gets up here to NorCal! My sister-in-law Sierra attends UC Berkeley and could give her a ride. Praying for her and thanking the Lord for her past and future achievements for His glory.

sue flynn said...

Pastor Dudley...

I came to your service approximately 5 weeks ago after moving from Malibu to Woodland Hills to open a house for kids with cancer in my 10 y/o son,"Mac Flynn-Miller", Mac's Memory..

For reference, your sermon on July 31, 2009 was about your churches goals due to a need to increase the size of your church due to growth of people (I have kept a copy of my work sheet in my bible as a reference as every church should be so lucky to have this need, Praise God for those types of problems and the need for additional space, wooh-hooh)..

Making a decision to change churches after almost 7 years due to this relocation to Mac's House for kids with cancer has been ongoing for 2 plus years and it is narrowed down to 2 amazing, God preaching, God loving churches..

One thing prevents a decision, it is my understanding, you are pretty busy winning souls for Jesus so you can not shake hands..

I want to tell you, you can tell alot by shaking a hand..

My son, Mac's hands are one of the things I miss most along with his laughter as his little fingers were taught by me at the age of 2 to shake a hand..

Mac went to heaven on Nov 27, 2002 on the one day set aside to be thankful, that's a gift to go to heaven on that day..

Mac had more than 30 surgeries, 7 rounds of chemo, 2 back to back bone marrow stem cell transplants and total body radiation, all in 14months.

Mac did not die from a pediatric cancer though he had 2 types, bi-phenotyic leukemia (AML AND ALL), Leukemia was no match for Mac Flynn and God, Mac died after I had signed the discharge papers from a medical air, (an air bubble, an air emboli went directly to his heart via his lungs) as we were preparing to go home for Thanksgiving, a flat out God miracle that we could even go home)and Mac, my son whom I adored, died in my arms.

To say my heart was broken would be an understatement.

To say I was blessed in that moment was something I would come to realize years later!!

Upon waking up the next day after Mac's death I thought God had lost his mind, along me having lost my own..

For me the jury's still out on that point, still 7 years later.

But in fact God had not lost his mind at all, he knew exactly what he was doing as he always does.

If ever there was an example of God's will, it was Mac's death, he endured when we did not.

Albeit Mac lived a brief life in numbers but in quality, I have never in 53 years of life seen or encountered a person whom lived life as full as Mac..

Mac was blessed with a solid hand shake and I believe that was due to the size of his heart..
It is with that in mind, I request a meeting to shake your hand,as it's pretty clear you can preach but what I need to know is what is that heart like that is connected to that hand shake..

In the event, you need to see Mac's hands you can go to,
and see how God has blessed us with assisting families with funerals, celebrations of life and granting wishes in Mac's memory for children all over the United States with pediatric cancers..
The dream and culmination of 4 years of prayers to obtain the property to open Mac's House (2008)was a flat out God miracle and it's my understanding after hearing you preach that day, that is what you need too.

As you know anything built on the foundation of God's word will more than come to fruition, in his time though, ouch that's the harder part...

God bless you Pastor Dudley,
D. Sue Flynn, Mac's Mom
818/932-9332 oe 310/849-5448

jeff perrin said...

Wow, Mac must of been a little firecracker, keep strong for him.
Anytime you want to sit in the front with us you would be more than welcomed... Love to Sing(can't) and need to be in the front row to get the most out of the most.. thanks for Mac's story
Jeff Perrin