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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Word to my Staff

I need to take a moment and write a short note to thank the staff here at Shepherd of the Hills Church. Not a day goes by where I am not thinking about them or praying for them. It really is an impossible task for any ONE person to take care of so many church members and so I am TOTALLY DEPENDENT upon the Pastors, Elders, Ministry Leaders and support staff here at Shepherd.

In Acts 6:1-7, the word of God spread because the organization of the church provided the Apostles the needed time for prayer and the ministry of the word. Often, people ask me the reason for the success of our church, and I always point to the ordained work and leading of the Holy Spirit along with the ordained work of the GREATEST STAFF IN AMERICA.

Please take a moment to thank and pray for each of our staff members. They are loyal, hard working, God fearing, God honoring men and women who work tirelessly around the clock. They are underpaid, undervalued, underappreciated.

It is my prayer that God would richly bless each and everyone of them and that God's hedge of protection would be around their families. They are the ones who allow me the needed time to prepare each and every sermon. It is a team effort and I am a small part of this unusually kind and gifted staff.



Pastor Dudley,
The main reason that we are blessed at Shepherd of the Hills to have you and such a great staff, is because you and your staff are working for one thing and one thing only. To lead people to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We may stumble or as you put it in your sermon, we may get pruned, but as long as we keep Jesus in the center of our life the rest will fall into place. Thank you very much Pastor Dudley for all you do for your Lord and Savior. Thank you Staff of Shepherd of the Hills for all that you do for your Lord and Savior. You are all great ans humble servants of the Lord.

Thank you,
Captain Freedom

PHW said...

I too am very thankful for your staff and that they listened to the Lord with their hearts to serve. Indeed a shepherd can not tend to his flock with out a staff. They have certainly have helped me in my walk with Christ and in time of need. They are all great pillars of this church. I pray that you and your staff remain strong - Amen.

Fred Blattner said...

Pastor Dudley,
As a new member of the Woodland Hills staff, I want to thank you for those words and I want to echo your sentiment. From the moment we first set foot on the Porter Ranch campus, we have felt cared for and equipped and encouraged to minister.
I have never felt more privileged to work with a group of people than I do now with Pastor Caleb and the rest.

Fred Blattner

Lois Gomez said...

We are truly blessed to have you and all the staff at Shepherd.
I especially appreciate your handling of the man who interrupted your sermon tonight at 5. The quick response of the staff was awesome.
I felt the heaviness on your heart. That was not the right forum for him to express his views.
Thanks for a wonderful message tonight and the opportunity for us to recommit our commitments to give.

rollingonron said...

Amen and we join you in praising the comitment and performance to a very special part of Shepherd, the staff.

We at Shepherd Woodland Hills are more aware of both the staff efforts and our volunteer group as we literaly construct and teardown our facility each and every service.

Caleb, Tony, Chris and Jay offer close and personal contact to assist and encourage us in our efforts with encounters and life group success.

We are blessed to have a priceless asset to our life group of Pastor Fred Sadaba, offering both scriptural insight and service comitment to the church.

Thank GOD, thank you Shepherd and thank you staff and volunteers for making our time together to learn and worship a warm and meaningful experience every week.

Ron and Minnie