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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little About a LOT

Just a few thoughts or things I'd like to share...

Life is never easy, but with the Lord's help, we can get through even the most difficult situation.

I love the new Shepherd LIVE worship CD that Michael North produced. You'll be able to pick up a copy at the Praises bookstore or purchase one at the Call On Jesus counter. You WILL BE BLESSED.

Many people have been working 24/7 this week building the set for the Passion Play. As you may recall, the play was moved at the last second to the Tent last year. We have a new director this year, and it's going to be AMAZING. Get your tickets early this year. I want to thank ALL THE FOLKS working on this year's play in advance .

We have already begun plans for our Easter service under the Tent. It is going to be GLORIOUS.

Pastor Tim is leaving for Poland today. We are looking at helping plant 100 churches in that part of the world. That is just ONE project out of MANY that we are involved with around the world. Pray for Tim's safe travels.

I spent Monday with three preachers from Kansas, Florida, and Illinois, Brother Joe Wright, Gary York, and John Henry, respectively. I wish I could have spent a week with them. It is always beneficial to spend time with these men, talking and mentoring one another.

I met a father this week who has a 22 year old daughter who has been sick. She is NOT interested in serving God, and she lives close to our Brentwood campus. Would you pray with me that somehow OUR CHURCH could minister to her and that her heart would be OPENED to serving the Lord?

I wish I was going to the Holy Land this year. I wish YOU could travel with me to the HOLY LAND sometime in the near future.

I love High School Basketball. The Hillcrest Varsity Girls, led by sharp shooter Aundrea Dava, made the playoffs and play Thursday night. Go EAGLES!!! And keep an eye on Lauren Holiday of Campbell Hall. She is a star in the making. And Gennifer Branden over at Chatsworth High School is a PHENOM. Go watch her play.

Someone bought me tickets for me and my 12 year old daughter to go and see Phantom of the Opera on Friday night for her birthday. I enjoy seeing plays like that. Have you seen Wicked?? Don't be mad... but I lovedddddddddddd Wicked. And Ragtime... and Les Miserables.

I'm supposed to have a birthday next month, but I've decided to skip it altogether. Besides, I don't feel any older, so why should I try to convince myself that I am any older? Why would I do that?

We will be in a new series this weekend, "He is the Vine and we are the B.R.A.N.C.H.E.S." Read John 15 and see if you can figure out what each of those letters stand for. The first one to figure it out will get a FREE CD copy of the entire series.

I started with a meeting at 7:30 AM this morning and it's now 5:15 PM. I have been in meetings literally ALL DAY LONG. I wonder if Jesus was ever in a "MEETING."

I need to shut this thing down and think about what I'm going to do next. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Maybe see who is on Facebook?
Maybe see who is on Myspace?
Maybe see where all my children are.
Maybe tackle a few more things before heading home and watching the Laker game???
Maybe ride my hog?
Maybe answer a few more emails ?
Maybe just think MORE about JESUS?
YES... that's what I think I'll do.... Just think MORE ABOUR JESUS!!!

Will you be joining me???


elm said...

Hi, guy! I love it when you write randomly! That's the way my life goes most of the time now. Last week was such a wonderful week for me. My birthday (I know you are skipping yours this year) was a joyful time. I got so many cards and phone calls for my 85th! I got to go to the Reagan Museum to see the Magna Carta, Airforce One and all the good things there. Spent 4 hours just looking and looking, still didn't see everything. Then, on Saturday my son, Jon, and his wife joined us at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Camarillo--El Tecolote--for dinner, where we have been celebrating special occasions for the last 55 years. His daughter and my two great granddaughters were with him. Then, Sunday morning for the early service, although I really like the Saturday night service and usually attend the early one! God was so good to me to lead me to Shepherd! Although I only pledged for the 3 years to the building fund, as long as God provides, that extra offering will keep coming. Wow, God is so good to me, and here I am going on and on! I pray for you, our church and our pastors. We have met so many wonderful friends there. My heart skips a beat when I see you car parked in that special spot--I know I am going to hear something good! May God bless you and keep you in his care. elm

Little Lotte said...

okay, I'm going to take a gander at this and say that the "B" in BRANCHES stands for Bearing fruit. I read over the passage a couple times, and "bearing fruit/ bearing much fruit" kept popping up.

You watched wicked?? I've only listened to the music, and I think it's SOOOOOO good. When did you go see it?


Pastor Dudley,
I think that I have found what B.R.A.N.C.H.E.S stands for. B is for BEAR FRUIT. R is for REMAIN IN ME. A is for APART FROM ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING. N is for NOW REMAIN IN MY LOVE. C is for HIS COMMANDS. H is for HATE, the world hated GOD first. E is for EXCUSE FOR SIN and the S is for SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Either way John 15 is telling us to bear much fruit and to do that we must remain in Him. Because with out Him we can do nothing. We must remain in His love and obey His Commands. The world will hate us for this, but, we must remember that the world hated God first. There is no excuse for sin and let the Spirit of Truth guide us.

Captain Freedom

Dudley Rutherford said...

Nice try Captain Freedom but you are off a tad. Stay tuned for the answers.


I'm taking another shot at this one.
Bear much fruit
Remain in Me(Jesus)
Ask in My Name
Nothing is greater than His love
Commanded to Love
Hate no one
E.....Not sure on this one
Spirit of Truth

The more and more that I read John 15 I see more. This is powerful stuff that is being shared with us. It is almost like He is challenging us so to speak. He wants us to bear much fruit. That is very clear. But He also says that we can go ask the Father for anything in the name of Jesus. It seems like the most important thing to remember, is LOVE. Because if we love on another, the rest just falls into place. If we love one another then we don't have a problem sharing the word of God with them. He commands us to Love. Maybe E is for execute. We are to Execute these things for the Lord our God. When the counsler comes he will testify and so shall we. I am so excited about this I can't stop reading it. Is it Sunday yet? Time to go to church yet? Can't wait until tomorrow to see what the Lord has instore for us.
I think that I'll read John 15 again.

Captain Freedom

jeff perrin said...

Your thoughts are always appreciated, not go take a ride on that hog !

jeff perrin said...

The Pastor’s Burden
READ | Romans 12:9-13

By himself, your pastor simply cannot bear all the burdens of his entire flock. Particularly in small churches, the pastor must wear many hats—he is visitor to the sick and elderly, counselor, business manager, referee, and the list goes on. Certainly the minister desires to meet your needs and those of your fellow congregants, but he is only one person. Even in large churches, the staff are too few in number to do the burden bearing alone.

As you pray for your pastor and church, ask the Lord, “Is there some way I can share the load and meet the people’s needs?” What you may not realize is that your pastor and his staff are not equipped to deal with every circumstance. In some situations, you are more capable of empathizing and encouraging fellow believers because you have experienced challenges similar to theirs.

The church is a community. We must all become part of a “network of shoulders” supporting the collective weight of our fellowship’s troubles. In other words, you get under a sister’s burden while a brother takes on a bit of yours. Your contribution might seem small and go unnoticed by all but the individual who is helped. Yet your heavenly Father sees and will reward you for following His command.

When you take your seat in a Sunday service or mid-week Bible study, keep your spiritual antennae up. Allow God to direct you to those who are burdened. With you acting as Christ’s hands, people will find rest for their weary hearts.


Aileen said...

Dear Pastor:

I too love reading your thoughts and yes you're right we need to THINK MORE ABOUT JESUS!
I ask also that you please put my son in your prayers, pastor. He is 20 years old and since a little boy he did believe in Jesus but for the past year he has had much too much communication with unbelievers on the internet that though I know tempororaily, have caused him to question our Jesus and turn his back on what he knows is the one and only way.
Please add him to your prayers and my entire family, Pastor. My daughter and younger son and I are all believers and have been baptised and are members but my older son and husband. who is also not living life as he should be need much prayer so that our entire household can be one.

vars324 said...

Hello Pastor Dudley here is my solution based on two different bible versions for John 15:

B-elong (last weeks message)
R-emain in me
A-bide in me
N-o one (has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends)
C-ommandments (keep my)
H-ope for everyone
E-verything (he has made known to us everything that he heard from his Father)
S-ervants (we are to serve and love one another)


N-o one
C-hosen (I have chosen you)

I am looking forward to tonights message.