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Friday, January 30, 2009

Chatsworth J.V.

I know that many of you will think I'm half crazy... but earlier this year I was asked to help out with the J.V. girls basketball team at Chatsworth High School. I have coached many times in many different places but have never been involved in the PUBLIC school system. I was scheduled to go to India for about 2 weeks and THAT was canceled so I decided to help out with a team that really did NOT have a coach.

As busy as I am, I really did NOT have the time to coach but I so love to teach and I love to be able to share my faith in this arena and so I squeezed one more thing into my hectic life. It has been a JOY to see this team continue to grow and mature as basketball players as well as young adults.

Almost EVERY game we have played I have met people from our church and they are so surprised to see me in the public school but I am so thankful that God has placed me there for this short season so that I might reflect HIS LIGHT and LOVE to them.

Even though in the near future I can't ever imagine doing this again, I certainly have loved the challenges and the opportunity to walk onto so many different High Schools these past few weeks.

JUST IN CASE you are free... Would love to have you come watch us play..... Our next game is today.. at 2:30 pm.. Chatsworth gym. We will be playing Birmingham High School and it is always an adventure watching the Lady Chancellors play.

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dcarter629 said...


I was surfing the web looking at the origin of the NBA, and got to looking at some old teams from the 1930's and 194-'s which lead me to the Indianapolos Katusky's, which lead me to Coach Wooden - which made me think of you, so I googled your name and this popped up.

It was cool to see you helped out with the team there at Chatworth. I had a chance to be the assistant varisty coach for the boys at Hickory High school this season, and it was a blast.

Call me sometime, or drop me an email, I'd like to catch up with you.

Doug Carter
757 333 - 1830