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Monday, May 26, 2008

Holy Land 08

60th Anniversary of Israel becoming a Nation in their homeland

My new pet

Adel was one of our Bus Drivers... Shot the video from his roof top... what a view

Holy Land 08

Temple Mount
Acts 10
After climbing MASADA.... it was HOT
The Market in Jerusalem
And a few more pictures

Holy Land 08

Mount Carmel
Entire tour group on the Sea of Galilee
Baptizing in the river Jordan
Western Wall
I am currently sitting in Atlanta on our way home from Israel. One hundred of us had such a moving experience touring the land where Jesus walked, taught, and preached!!! I was NOT able to get my laptop to work in Israel, but I did want to post a few pictures from our trip. I hope that those of you in church last Sunday enjoyed the service via video. Our video guys, Steve and Danny, did such a great job putting that video together, and I want to thank them for their time and energy in blessing our entire church. I really hope that next time I go to Israel that the Lord will work it out where YOU can travel with us..... Enjoy these photos... and I am looking forward to seeing you in church this weekend.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More help Needed.....

Dear Pastor Rutherford,I am sure that you and the staff at shepherd of the hills have been asked to be involved in many programs in the community. Michelle is a friend of many of my friends from college and is an amazing, strong and wonderful person. She was diagnosed with Leukemia last year and has just found that she\'s relapsed. The worst part is a huge blow because they also found a tumor in her brain. She has a lightness and goodness about her that has inspired many people to help try to find a bone marrow donor for her.We have created an organization called \"Project Michelle\" ( to increase the number of registered donors. Although the drive is centered around Asians, I\'d like to coordinate with people in the LA area and have marrow drives setup at one or all of the church campuses with your permission. In these dark times for her family and friends, they need God in their lives. She has until June 21st to find a donor. I pray that there is something that we can do through shepherd of the hills. Through the blood of christ, we were all saved and through his blood, I pray we find someones blood to save Michelle.Please let me know if there is anything we can do. Thank you so much for time Pastor Rutherford.Sincerely,Andrew Kim510.913.6141Attendee of Porter Ranch

Sunday, May 11, 2008

HELP!!! Have you seen this BIKE???

Hi Pastor Dudley,
My name is Joey Mearig. I am a regular attender of Shepherd of the Hills. I usually attend Porter Ranch, but occasionally go to the Westside. My fiancee lives in West LA, so it depends on whose turn it is to drive "the distance." I'm also disabled and use a wheelchair, so you may have seen me around church. Anyway, last Saturday night my bike was taken from my apartment's "gated" parking structure in Northridge. It is a specially built bike that has three wheels and is powered by pedaling with arms instead of legs. Why somebody would want to take something like that, I do not know. Well, now I'm trying to relocate it and I was wondering if you could help.
I know a lot of church members view your blog and I thought maybe, if you were comfortable, you could tell my story and ask people to keep an eye out for it in the neighborhood. It looks pretty unique so I have faith that it will show up somewhere (although I do have another friend in Northridge with a similar bike, too). If you think you might be able to help, I'd appreciate it.
By the way, my fiancee and I really enjoy church. Her name is Llona. We are getting married this summer, and will be moving to the other side of LA. So I'm not sure if we will still make it to Porter Ranch on Sundays, but we will perhaps attend the Pasadena campus.
Thanks for everything,
Joey Mearig

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Pastor's Posse

Adam Smiley, Tom Daly, Staci Shulz, Brian Klolacinski, and the Dud Man...
Riding down PCH on a Saturday Morning

Before you judge, let me explain.... Since I was about 14 years of age, I have ridden dirt bikes.. We lived up against some hills and trails and at an early age, my dad bought me a motorcycle, and for most of my life, I have always had a love to get out and ride with a group of friends. In recent years, I have mostly ridden with Marty Ramos. Marty is also a lifetime motorcycle rider, and when we ride, I am often the one trying to get him to slow down, and he's always trying to get me to speed up. Marty and I have always ridden up in the mountains, on trails, fire roads and a few goat paths...

But in the past few months, I have been riding with some folks from our church who like to ride tour/street bikes. YES, I KNOW IT IS DANGEROUS, and there are some crazy drivers out there, but I have so enjoyed getting to ride and in the process, getting to know some other folks in our church who also like to ride....

When we ride, we ALWAYS pray, and the Lord is showing me that there is a whole community out there who ride and who need the Lord. So I have started (smile) a group called the Pastor's Posse! And we ride 1) For the joy of riding; 2) For the purpose of enjoying the outdoors; 3) For the purpose of Sharing Christ; 4) For the purpose of introducing others to Shepherd of the Hills Church.

So Pray for us, and if you want to be put on our riding list, send me your email address... and you can be a part of the Pastor's Posse.