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Friday, December 19, 2008

Rick Warren Praying for the President


Dr. Jim Garlow, Director of the “Yes on 8” Pastors Rapid Response Team, today released this open letter defending the invitation by President Elect Obama to have Pastor Rick Warren deliver the Inauguration Prayer in January. Warren is the founder and senior pastor of the evangelical Saddleback Church in Orange County, CA, the fourth largest church in the United States.

Open letter reads as follows:

To Whom It May Concern:

As one of the leaders of “Yes on Prop. 8” campaign in California, I have watched with interest as gay activists have protested Barak Obama’s selection of Rick Warren to lead in a prayer at the Inauguration.

Barak Obama said he would "reach across the aisle" to unite us. And then when he – at least symbolically – exhibited that in the selection of Rick Warren to pray at the Inauguration, the people who elected him became angry at him. For what? For keeping his campaign promise!

And why is Rick Warren a “controversial” choice to the gay activists? What is Rick Warren's great offense?

For starters, he believes the Bible and its 5,000+ year old definition of marriage.

What is a truly biblically founded, authentically Christian pastor supposed to believe? Should he embrace the empty casuistry, exegetical revisionism and anti-scriptural political correctness of leftist "pastors" who defy and deny the historic, orthodox Christian and authentically biblical position on marriage?

Rick Warren believes what 68% of Americans believe, based on the 30 states that have voted on and passed state constitutional amendments that say marriage is defined as "one man-one woman."

He believes in a definition of marriage that has been recognized in every known culture since the beginning of time.

He believes in a definition of marriage that has been operational in America in its entire history (until a handful of oligarchical judges recently became hyper-revisionists in MA, CA and CT).

He believes in a definition of marriage that California has practiced as a state in all of it 158 year old history (minus the 4 1/2 months tampered with by four judges who went against the will of the people as expressed in 2000 - and again in 2008).

Rick Warren's grand offense is that he believes marriage is a union of one man-one woman, which is precisely the same definition of marriage that Barak Obama publicly stated on national TV. I was present at the Saddleback Civil Forum on Saturday August 16th when Obama was asked by Warren to “define marriage.” Obama’s aphoristic response: “Its’ a union between a man and a woman.”

Rick Warren’s great offense is that he supported Prop 8 which – in 14 words – simply states that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California.”

For the record, Prop 8 received over 7 million "yes" votes - 7,001,084 to be exact.

Prop 8 was profoundly well vetted, with both sides combined spending nearly $80 million - the most expensive race of its type.

Prop 8 was so thoroughly vetted that it received more votes ("yes" and "no" combined) than (in CA) Obama and McCain combined – virtually unheard of in any down-the-ballot race.

Prop. 8 received 2,150,000 more votes than did Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was reelected in 2006

Prop. 8 received nearly 2 million more votes than Dianne Feinstein did when she was reelected to the US Senate in 2006

Prop. 8 received 250,000 more votes than did John Kerry when he carried California in 2004

Prop. 8 received 45,000 more votes than did Barbara Boxer in her landslide reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2004

Prop 8 received approximately the same percentage as Gavin Newsome did when he was originally elected mayor of San Francisco.

Prop. 8 passed with 52.3%, which is approximately the same percentage of the vote that Barack Obama received nationally.

If the “don’t-let-Rick-Warren-pray” advocates are going to keep whining about Prop 8's passage (and anyone – including Rick Warren – who voted for it), then complain about all the others mentioned above who were elected with similar percentages or those who received less votes.

Rick Warren, based on his public endorsement, voted for traditional, natural marriage. So did the rest of America. They voted for the same definition of marriage that Barak Obama affirms.

In the never ending marriage discussion, the “No on 8” crowd should stop playing the "civil rights" card. Americans in general and Californians in particular are not so gullible as to confuse marriage with "civil rights." They know the difference.

Homosexuals already have bona fide, authentic civil rights. If they didn't, they could not live where they live, work where they work, go to school where they go to school, ride public transportation, vote and hold property. So long as one recognizes the ages affirmed, time tested, millennia old definition of and laws regarding marriage, one can marry whoever wants.

It is time to accept that marriage is – by definition – marriage!

We would say to Barak Obama, “thanks for having the courage to ask Rick Warren to pray. Thank you for asking one of America's most loving, compassionate, sacrificial pastors to lead in a prayer. Thank you for honoring, in at least a symbolic way, your campaign promise to “reach out.” I am impressed with this brilliant decision.

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Timothy_o1 said...

I never had the chance too hear Rick Warren preach but all I have too say is Obama should of picked the King of Preaching Dudley C. Rutherford :o)