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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

YES!!! on PROP 8

My dear friend, Jim Garlow, gave me a little update on the all day of prayer in San Diego on Saturday. I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of that event. And also encourage everyone to get out and vote today. Please understand that God defines marriage for us in Gen 2:24.

TheCall is committed to mobilizing people from all across America to gather together to petition God for His undeserved mercy for our nation in 12-hour solemn assemblies. Just as in the days of Joel, we believe that now is the time to blow the trumpet across our land, to fast, to pray, and return to the Lord with all our hearts. This past Saturday, 33,000 youth gathered together at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego for the very purpose of seeking the Lord in prayer and praising His worthy name. The group prayed from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM, twelve continuous hours of corporate prayer. There were between 8,000 and 10,000 on the field standing almost the entire time in the heat, praising the name of Jesus and calling upon His mercy to be poured out on our state and our nation. None of the invited guests and speakers were introduced. Over the course of the day, 200 people prayed into the microphones. They were nameless, faceless. This was not a time to focus on men, but on God. The focus of prayers were, of course, on the elections, the future of our country, and the future of our state. With the very core of traditional marriage being challenged by Proposition 8, fervent hearts were turned to the Lord in prayer. This is the culmination of a 40 day fast and prayer for passage of proposition 8. With three days left before the election, some chose to continue the fast until the election. Between 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Saturday, the prayer was focused on marriage and the passage of proposition 8. There was such intensity and fervency in the prayers of these young people. Between 4:20 PM and 4:50 PM, there was a collective sense of victory. It was an amazing and powerful time. Then on Sunday, the worship was just explosive. There was a feeling of celebration in the air, and people were excited. This gathering was the vision of Jim Lou Engels, and his burden for California has extended beyond the passage of Proposition 8. He has the burden to lead a series of sequential 40 day fasts over the course of the next year with a focus on prayer for California. There was a cost of $1 million needed in order to pay for the expenses associated with this event, and the Lord provided in excess. A total of $1.1 million collected. The Lord provided mightily, and we are confident and sure that He will answer our prayers mightily as well.

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