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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Election and Prop 8

It’s been a while since I’ve written, so let me get you up to speed on several events, beginning with the election. I am thankful that our country witnessed a momentous event in electing an African American as our next president! This is an historical event that speaks well of our country. Many African Americans believed they would never live to see such a day, but I hope everyone realizes that in America, it is possible for anyone to reach the highest office in the land. In regard to race and issues of diversity, this historic event put me in the group that is thankful that I lived to see this moment during my lifetime. Most of you know that our church is on the front lines in helping churches and organizations diversify. I am so thankful for the strides the United States has made in this regard.
My prayer for our next President will be that God would lead him and direct him, as well as that God would watch over him and protect him. It is in my heart that God would burden our next president to value the life of the unborn child. Most of you know that for me personally, I canNOT cast my vote for someone who is not pro-life. As I read the Bible, the entire Bible is pro-life. It begins with God giving us life and ends with God giving us Eternal life. I personally question any leader who votes in favor of aborting any child for any reason at any time. For me, and you do NOT have to agree with me, but hey this is MY BLOG, so I get to post MY THOUGHTS and for me, I have a difficult time putting faith in a man who votes to allow the killing of innocent children, and so MY PRAYER is that GOD would change his heart and allow him to begin making changes in his policies that value the life of the unborn child.
Having said all that, we the church have to do a better job of supporting those who find themselves in unwanted pregnancies and who feel they have no choice but to have an abortion. I do NOT think that our politicians will ever solve the problem of too many abortions, and I think we focus on them too often for providing us with a solution to this very important issue.

Prop 8... There is so much to talk about. First, I am thankful that Californians stood for Biblical Marriage. I am still waiting for the L.A. Times or the Daily News to write ONE SINGLE POSTIVE article on the value of the MAJORITY voting to declare marriage as a union between a man and a woman. But the protests are proving to show the true colors of the vote NO people. No matter WHAT you hear, you need to know that they already have equal rights. They’ve had equal rights for about 15 years. That is not what they want. What they want is to have acceptance of a sinful and unnatural lifestyle. I have an article on my desk about a rapist who said that he was “born to be a rapist”. Would everyone agree that is morally insane?
Our belief is that God, the Creator of the universe, is the one that has the RIGHT to define what marriage should be. EVERY CIVILIZATION since CREATION has defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. To suggest otherwise only speaks to the depth of sinfulness in our society. It should be our prayer that in our society, that we would look to God as the great definer and protector of marriage.

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arie said...

I agree with you fully! on all counts...

I think it is definitely historic and truly wonderful to see the first African American president elected. We are all witnessing a part of history that is absolutely remarkable.

I too will be praying for our new president to value the unborn child. I cast my vote in hopes that McCain would get elected for this reason, but nonetheless... God has allowed for our new president to get elected so I have to trust in God's will and that He is in control!