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Monday, October 27, 2008

Day of Prayer and Fasting 2008

Words canNOT explain how powerful the Day of Prayer and Fasting was this past Monday. Literally hundreds of people showed up to sing, pray, fast and call upon the name of the Lord. We started out with a power outage and ended with the POWER of GOD moving in our midst. I wish that EVERY member of our church had been present, and who knows, one day my wish may come true.

These pictures do NOT capture the emotional or spiritual impact that resulted from this day, but for those who participated, they will never be the same. I pray that we will continue to be people of prayer and that God would HEAL our land as we cry out to him.

The election is just a few days away... Please... stay on your knees in prayer!!!

"I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting."
1 Timothy 2:8


Annett said...

Thanks Pastor Dudley for putting on the Day of Prayer and Fasting. Those were the fastest 10 hours of my life! Usually I'm hungry every 3 hours, and I wasn't hungry at all! My hunger was completely forgotten and satisfied by the Lord as we praised and prayed all day long! What a blessing this was. We should have it every year! God was faithful and showed up, and I know our prayers were heard.

aggelos29 said...

Dear Pastor Rutherford,

I am a Christian theologian and a careful observer of the current political scene in America. My name is F. M. Richbourg III. As you surely know, Senator Barack Hussein Obama and Senator John McCain are locked in battle for the presidency of our country.

You may also know that Senator Obama, if elected, has pledged to immediately sign into law a piece of legislation removing all restrictions on abortion throughout the entire nation. The total number of murdered infants is almost fifty million now and climbing daily by a large number. This unconscionable slaughter of innocents will greatly increase under an Obama presidency with no restrictions.

I suspect the senator’s blood lust for the mass murder of babies (so far, eight times Hitler’s Jewish holocaust) is to reduce the number of youthful American citizens with which his Islamic friends (every high profile Islamic group world wide has endorsed him) will have to contend when they eventually make their move to take over our nation from within. This is a bold tactic by Satan himself to destroy America as a constitutional Christian republic. If we allow Satan to succeed now, returning our country to Christian principles will be extremely costly in lives and treasure if, indeed, even possible within the next millennium or two or three or ever.

Only praying Christians can stop Satan’s candidate from making our nation the most pro abortion in the world and, therefore, very high on God’s hit list for judgment. If we don’t do what only we can do, we will be responsible to some major extent for allowing this supreme catastrophe to come about. Thus each pastor must, absolutely must, informally organize and educate his people to fast and pray from now through Election Day in their homes and in small home groups.

We need a major miracle, and I have found from personal experience that power praying James 5:16b (KJV) is the divine protocol for praying down major miracles. I also believe that your men must be a strong component of this tremendously important prayer effort. If your people are truly Christian (Luke 9:23), they qualify as “righteous” for the purposes of this kind of praying. To pray “effectively” is to present one’s case in well thought out and persuasive detail before God as would an attorney before a great and fair judge. To pray “fervently” is to pray with sincere and overwhelming conviction that one’s cause is just and of immense importance. That involves considerable emotion.

Finally, as many people as can safely do so should begin to fast--under guidance--for greater effectiveness in dealing with this immense satanic attack.

We can actually win this war with the enemy of our souls by praying down an astounding miracle from our loving and omnipotent Heavenly Father. A truly wonderful source of motivational information about Lucifer’s candidate can be found at Press “ctrl” plus click on this link to follow the link.

F. M. Richbourg III
817 548 0255

Abigail said...

Pastor Rutherford
Does your church believe/support what FM Richbourg III
Submitted on your blog?

Dudley Rutherford said...

Our church does NOT make a stand on Obama or McCain. I invited both men to Shepherd. I personally will always vote for the one that is pro-life.