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Monday, September 29, 2008

Vote Your Conscience - VIDEO

In a time of war, economic uncertainty, and soooooo many issues--many of them intregal to the very moral fabric of our country and our faith--this very well could be the most important vote of our generation. Please check out this very moving, very compelling video:


God's said...

Hi Pastor Dudley,
I appreciate you not endorsing one candidate over another. It is very important that we as Christians use the Godly wisdom that He has entrusted us with. I would hope that we could all see past the sound bites and rhetoric and do some research on our own to validate the motives and character of each of the candidates.
We as Christians are responsible for influencing society by our actions, not by holding fast to one issue and blindly following a candidate because they are outspoken on one issue.
What has the last administration really done to preserve life? We are in a war based on false pretense and lies (losing precious soldiers' lives in the process) and people cannot afford to care for their families because an elite few have been rewarded for their greed by the policies of this very administration.
Every man that calls upon the name of the Lord does not know Him. It infuriates me that we allow the Lord's name to be used in vain.
If we were truly evangelizing in our homes, schools, the workplaces and neighborhoods. Same sex marriage and abortion would be a non issue. We continually blame the media, but we watch the salacious programming, buy tickets to movies we know dishonors God's values and listen to music that mourns the Holy Spirit, yet we blame the media.
Let's not be naive once again. Let us vote for the most transparent and responsible candidate. Let us finally vote for someone based on their deeds and their full agenda instead of being distracted by one issue that is not up for vote and is our personal responsibility and not the government's.

B said...

Just saw you on Fox News. I was wondering if you were going to take part in ADF "event". Attaway! That's my man!

jeff perrin said...

Dudley, you should run for President...
The only one we can trust is and will always be God.... With all going on in our economy and world, it's hard to get up every morning excited about a new day... until i started getting up with a different attitude.....
An attitude of Gratitude.... As long as we are spending time with God and sharing the good news of his word we will be able to handle anything this world or economy is throwing at us.....If God is for us who could be against us.....
We simply need to get folks to church and let God do the rest..
We simply need to bring God into all conversations when the opportunity arises.....
We simply need to do something!!
And my friends.. Gods way is the simplest and easiest but be careful because he might ask you to open your Bible.....

Prolifegirly said...

Hi there,
My Grandma Emma Mccammon just sent me a link to your blog, and I have to say I love this video! I have made you a friend linked to my blog- hope you don't mind. Keep on fighting the good fight-

arie said...

Hi Pastor Dudley,

First time poster on your blog here. I also commend you for taking a stand for Christ and while I know you cannot endorse one candidate over another I also know that many Americans are divided on this issue as well and not just all of America, Christians too. And that video puts a lot into perspective! Very compelling. Thank you for sharing it. I recently shared with a mutual friend my feelings about why I am voting my conscience. Walking the walk means to stand up for what is right, what is morally right and to use biblical principal as our moral compass. And yes I understand it is the hearts of America that need to change, but also lets not forget that the most important decision a president can make is to appoint a supreme court judge to the bench and it is in clear cases like Prop 8 where we see the evidence of how crucial that appointment is. And because we understand that yes the hearts of America should change, we must not let that deter us from standing up for that which God would want us to do and uphold. At the end of the day we will have to be accountable to him for the way we vote.

We have to live by faith and not by sight… and having faith in God, that if He watches over the smallest detail… if he can watch over the sparrow than He too will watch over our great country and lead the next president with wisdom, that is if that next president allows themselves to be used by God. And to have faith means to have faith in even the most uncertain of times and at all times.

We must exercise that faith and stand up for the things of God and to be a beacon of light into the world and that too means that on election day when we go to vote, we don't check Jesus at the door and ask him to wait outside the booth for us while we "separate church and state" from our civic duty. We must learn to live by what Jesus would want us to do in EVERYTHING we do. That includes voting and exercising our civic duty. It's not enough to just wear a WWJD bracelet... we must do!

Thanks again for sharing the video! God Bless you always!

LaTonja said...

Hi Pastor Dudley and Shepherd,
Great message today (Oct 12). I too appreciate you not influencing the church by endorsing a candidate. Listening to God's message today reinforced what I believe about protecting children. I was encouraged to do more research on how the US Congress, including the presidential candidates, fared on policies that deal with children. I found that the Children's Defense website provides an annual nonpartisan congressional scorecard called "The Best and Worst US Senators and Representatives for Children".
This website and review of the candidates complete voting record on all children issues gives great insight into those we put into office and how they take care of God's children.

Be safe and blessed

Ali said...

There has been 10,000 more abortions under Bush then Clinton, and there will be more under McCain then Obama. So please go out and vote for Life. Not McSAME!!!!