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Thursday, September 11, 2008


This weekend I am preaching a sermon entitled, "Pigs, Pearls and Lipstick."

I hope that piques your interest.

We have less than two months before we decide who will lead our country for the next four years... It is imperative that everyone gets out to vote.

Please remember the LIFE of the UNBORN when you cast your vote.

And I came across a website, where you answer questions based on YOUR beliefs concerning all the issues, and after you input your answers, it tells you which candidate best represents YOU. The website is simply: Instead of listening to all the sound bytes, this is a helpful tool in case you are wondering where your vote should be cast.

And don't forget to vote YES on Prop 8. I will write more about that later.

I will see in you church this weekend as I talk about the Pigs, the Pearls, and the Lipstick!!!


TAWNIE said...

McCain & Palin 2008

jpartain said... simple as that, huh? McCain & Palin. That't too bad... Maybe you should read the conservative author, Pepperdine professor and constituional scholar, Doug Kmiec, who has endorsed Obama because he finds that Obama's policies would significantly reduce and minimize the number of abortions in the US compared to McCain.

undergrace said...

Yes, as simple as that. I don't have to read Doug Kmiec to know what Mr. Obama has voted for in the past and that one of his campaign promises is to make sure the "Freedom of Choice Act" becomes law (a promise to Planned Parenthood), thus removing all stops to abortion on demand. He would repeal the Hyde Amendment, which has been instrumental in reducing the number of abortions, make it mandatory for health plans to pay for abortion on demand. In addition to his views on abortion, Mr. Obama, while serving in Illinois, voted four times against providing medical assistance to aborted babies who are born alive. These LIVE babies are left to die alone. These are not the actions of someone who wants to reduce abortion.

undergrace said...

Yes, as simple as that. I'm afraid Mr. Obama's abortion-reducing policies are a fantasy. He has consistently voted against any bill that would limit abortion in any way. He has promised Planned Parenthood that the first thing he would do when he becomes president is to make sure the "Freedom of Choice Act" is passed. This would remove ALL restrictions to abortion on demand. It would mean that insurance plans would be forced to pay for all abortions. He also would abolish the Hyde Amendment, which has helped to curb the number of abortions in this country. As a legislator, he has consistenly voted against any limits to public funding of abortion, and voted four times to deny medical help to aborted babies who are born alive. These babies are left to die. I'm disappointed that Doug Kmiec has fallen for his PR propaganda.