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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama or McCain?????????????

Who should YOU vote for...

I was on the Westside this past week, and I saw Obama and McCain... and just thought I'd get my picture taken with them. It was really quite pleasant. They were not fighting or calling each other names. Theywere not guarded by the Secret Service, so I just went right up to them for a picture, and they both obliged.

It was so quiet, in fact, that I could actually reflect on the issues!!! Imagine that!!!

I started wondering... WHO ARE YOU going to vote for??? So, I thought I would help you out...

Are you ready????

There is a website called....

Log on to that link, and they will ask you QUESTIONS to determine what is important to YOU, as far as the issues are concerned. Based upon the ANSWERS YOU GIVE, it will reveal to you which candidate best represents your thoughts and views. I would suggest you try it.... the answer may or may not surprise you.

My advice is to truly study the VIEWS of both candidates on ALL THE ISSUES and pray about which man God would have you to vote for.

This is a HUGE decision and it is important for EVERYONE to vote. And don't forget to vote YES on PROP 8. In Genesis 2:24, God defined marriage for US. Read it and study it, if you are doubting what marriage is supposed to be, according to God.


Billster said...

I have a slogan that I just came up with for PROP 8. You can use it if you would like.

1 man + 1 women = marrage

Bill Sternberg
Captain Freedom

Lesley & Frank Clack said...

Let's say your sprinkler system in your yard is not performing well. You dig it up and see it leaking, etc. So you go to Lowe's and look at all the notice they are labeled "male" and "female". They are labeled this way because of how they are made. However, you like the way one type looks, so you figure, "I'll just MAKE it work with these parts". You take 'em home and start putting them together with super glue, teflon tape, etc., and it appears to be holding, so you put all the dirt back and leave. Lo and behold, in a short time, your yard is flooded. You dig it up and the leaks are WORSE. The system is broken! The parts DO NOT FIT. It's because they are not made to go together!! No amount of other "fixes" will make it work, no matter what you do to put a "band-aid" on it.

This is exactly what people are trying to do with marriage. They'll "make it work". NO! It's wrong--because God says it's wrong!! Please continue to stand up for what is right, Dudley. And we are praying that you will be strong and that you & yours will be fine.