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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spanish Revival 08

Tonight I had the privilege of preaching at the 2008 Spanish Revival. It was such a thrilling moment to preach to our Spanish congregation. Salvador Fuentes does an incredible job leading this part of our flock.

I was blessed by their hunger for the word, their LOVE of worship, and their inner desire to see Los Angeles come to know Jesus as Lord. I wanted to send a few pictures to you so that you can see what God is doing in the Latino Community here at Shepherd.

Salvador and Shepherd's Praise Chapel touched my heart tonight by their kindness and respect. May God richly bless this body of believers as they are on the leading edge when it comes to reaching the diverse community of our city.

Thank you, Salvador, and thank you, Shepherd's Praise Chapel, for PRAYING for Revival and for your desire to please Jesus.

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SylverCastle said...

I am blessed to see what the Lord is doing in the spanish congregation. I remember Pastor Salvador from my childhood. He had just come to the Lord and my father was teaching discipleship classes at his church. I remember him being eager to "devour" the Word of God. I am so incredibly amazed to see him doing such a great job with the spanish congregation at the very church I attend! Praise the Lord!