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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kerri and the gang...

It is one of the great joys of my life to have coached my two older children and now I am coaching my youngest... Kerri Brett Rutherford. She is number.... ahhhhhhh I will let you guess..... lol

The name of our team is the BRUINS!!!! God worked that one out... and to my knowledge all of these girls are Christians and one of them was actually baptized in the ocean last week.

Kerri is a reflection of her moma... the same spirit and demeanor.. I'm not sure she really likes basketball... I think she plays because she knows I like to coach.. hahahaha but she is a great girl who seems to bless all who come in contact with her.

I am a blessed man to have a daughter like her and to have so many of her close friends who serve and worship the Lord each week. Through in an occasional basketball game from time to time... what else could you ask for???????

Thank you Jesus!!!!


sam said...

Pastor D...

First off, great sermon today in church sir. I apologize for all the phones and that little kid screaming his head off at the 11:30 service.

I just wanted to say that Kerri is an INCREDIBLE little girl and I know that the Lord is going to use her to change the world VERY SOON. She has blessed me IN SO MANY ways and it blows my mind that she's only in middle school.

Just needed to share that with you sir.


Angie said...

I loved reading this and the pics you posted. I too just adore that Kerri Brett. I'm so thankful for the time i've gotten with her in 2008. She is growing up so beautifully on the inside and out. Watching her with Giana and Talia was such a joy. Her patience, gentleness and love just give her a special glow. I'm so excited to see what God is going to do in her, Kayla, and Dallas's lives. Kayla has always had such a unique purity and desire to please her father in heaven. A quality I myself have always looked up to. And of course Dallas just has such charm, personality, and humor, but also a sweetness which i have seen more of recently. I pray that all of them will just be dynamite for the kingdom.