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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Colorblind but not Colorless

I asked Phil Allen, who is on staff with the High School Ministry here at Shepherd, to write a Spoken Word to recite at the NACC. As I mentioned before, I am at the NACC this week speaking on Dream of Destiny, a ministry dedicated to raising up under-represented minorities in leadership positions in our churches, schools, and organizations. Phil did an amazing job, and I wanted to share his Spoken Word with all of you. It is truly powerful.

(Imagine A Church) Colorblind But Not Colorless

The church has been hiding behind
Stained-glass ministries for too long
And stained-glasses dictate the color of the light
That shines through and we live behind the tinted windows
Of our comfort zone
Imagine a church that looks like God
Colorblind but not colorless
And the rest of the world can actually see
Themselves in it
‘Cause they begin to see the faith as real and not counterfeit
Imagine my transparency impacting another life
‘Cause they relate to the complexion of my heart
Not my shade of black or white
Because pain can minister to pain
Hurt can relate to hurt and love
Doesn’t distinguish the hue of a man
‘Cause pure love itself is only hu-man
Jesus taught that one
Imagine a culture of discipleship
Extending a hand to mentor the man next to you and vice versa
Imagine all of America answering this altar call
‘Cause the church overcame its spiritual inertia
Imagine if I would nurture
the same world that Jesus died to save
According to grace
The umbrella that protects with no partiality to race
Imagine if I presented the world a church
That any and every non-believer would embrace
‘Cause they all would see a face…that looks like them
“It might not work!”
Well Christ didn’t make excuses so don’t hand me that
A church without diversity is a church that’s handicapped
If we truly want change
We have to be change and not react to the change
That’s already in action
But the church is afraid of the change it’s supposed to make happen
And the world is a greater attraction
‘Cause it’s making change along color lines
Just without the moral attachment
Even though the deadline has passed
It’s not too late for Dr. King’s prophetic dream to come to pass
In the pews and the pulpit
Satan has made diversity look like the culprit
For too long
Imagine a church that’s colorblind but not colorless
‘Cause where we worship has come down
To who looks like us
So Sunday morning has become a family reunion
Well whether we like it or not
God says “Guess who’s comin’ to dinner!”
My Dream of Destiny will be a reality
Because my church will be colorblind but not colorless

If you want to hear another Spoken Word by Phil, you can watch When I Became a Man here:


Adam Gonnerman said...

Nice. Our church here in NJ was Brazilian to begin with, now has a Hispanic service that is better-attended than the original Braziliian gathering, and an English-language youth group is on the horizon. We hope to be what God really intended: A multi-ethnic, multi-language church. A fellowship of ethnicities brought together by and in Christ.

I'm glad that others have this sort of vision.

Also, I'd love to hear how the NACC went.

Chris said...

That was the ticket. I grew up in black churches, and always thought, "this is great, but there's no way that Heaven looks like this." So I would always take my United Nations friends with me to church. Attending Shepherd has definitely allowed me to see a snapshot of Heaven's diversity. Though I do miss the music and emotion of the black church, the payoff of seeing all God's children represented is well worth it.

Recently going on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic for the Sports Ministry, let me see, not only how God goes beyond race, but He surpasses language as well. As I was sitting with pastors who only spoke Spanish, I found myself totally understanding them. I've taken Spanish courses, but it wasn't that I understood all the words. Catching on to a few key terms helped me follow along, but it was really just having the same heart. Love speaks to love, so I could understand where they were coming from even when I didn't comprehend the verbiage. It was awesome.

Here are pics of that wonderful trip.