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Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Pastor's Posse

Adam Smiley, Tom Daly, Staci Shulz, Brian Klolacinski, and the Dud Man...
Riding down PCH on a Saturday Morning

Before you judge, let me explain.... Since I was about 14 years of age, I have ridden dirt bikes.. We lived up against some hills and trails and at an early age, my dad bought me a motorcycle, and for most of my life, I have always had a love to get out and ride with a group of friends. In recent years, I have mostly ridden with Marty Ramos. Marty is also a lifetime motorcycle rider, and when we ride, I am often the one trying to get him to slow down, and he's always trying to get me to speed up. Marty and I have always ridden up in the mountains, on trails, fire roads and a few goat paths...

But in the past few months, I have been riding with some folks from our church who like to ride tour/street bikes. YES, I KNOW IT IS DANGEROUS, and there are some crazy drivers out there, but I have so enjoyed getting to ride and in the process, getting to know some other folks in our church who also like to ride....

When we ride, we ALWAYS pray, and the Lord is showing me that there is a whole community out there who ride and who need the Lord. So I have started (smile) a group called the Pastor's Posse! And we ride 1) For the joy of riding; 2) For the purpose of enjoying the outdoors; 3) For the purpose of Sharing Christ; 4) For the purpose of introducing others to Shepherd of the Hills Church.

So Pray for us, and if you want to be put on our riding list, send me your email address... and you can be a part of the Pastor's Posse.


Pamela Smylie said...

Very nice... Please make sure to keep Adam (and you, of course)safe. He is, after all, still my baby... I do worry every time he rides, it's a mom thing..
Thank you also for being such a great friend to him, he really enjoys your company and I know you won't get him into any trouble...I hope..

Carlos, Charlie and Yvette said...

Pastor Dudley, This is great! Please include me. I would like to join you and others.

My wife Yvette will be praying for all of us, I can assure you we'll be safe.

God bless!

Carlos Ayala

KC said...

Hi Pastor Dudley,

My wife, son and I have been members of Shepherd for about 8 years. We are regulars at the 10:00 services and my wife hosts a Life Group.

You met my parents at a Christmas Party last year - they said they sat with you at a dinner.
You may remember them - my dad has never been to Jerusalem and talked with you about being on the trip next year. (Neil and Shirley Cooper).

Anyway, I would like to request information about the bike "club". It looks like a fun way to get out and witness. (I have a big Harley....)

Also: I spoke with your secretary about helping to sponser the TV ministry in more areas of the city. Your sermons need to be heard by everyone! I will be dropping off a check this week for my first (of many-God willing) offerings to help fund the expansion of the TV ministry.

Thank you,

Kevin Cooper

CaliJar said...

Pastor Dudley,

I actually attend a separate church in Woodland Hills called "In His Presence" church, but happened to be searching the web for like minded riding ethusiasts and came across the "Pastors Posse" I was hoping I might join your group to fellowship and ride in a safe, spirited environment.
Jared Mann

Jing said...

Hi Pastor Dudley! I was recently saved and became a member of the church. It was life changing and out of this world!! I met you after a service, and i remember you told to keep going to church. I
havent miss church ever since. I dont really know a whole lot of people at church. I think this would be an opportunity for me to meet people with the same interest.

I would like to be added to your invite list of riders.

Thank you so much!


atkharvy said...

I ride both on and off road and would like to sign up for this riding group as well.

Harvey B. Jackson