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Sunday, May 11, 2008

HELP!!! Have you seen this BIKE???

Hi Pastor Dudley,
My name is Joey Mearig. I am a regular attender of Shepherd of the Hills. I usually attend Porter Ranch, but occasionally go to the Westside. My fiancee lives in West LA, so it depends on whose turn it is to drive "the distance." I'm also disabled and use a wheelchair, so you may have seen me around church. Anyway, last Saturday night my bike was taken from my apartment's "gated" parking structure in Northridge. It is a specially built bike that has three wheels and is powered by pedaling with arms instead of legs. Why somebody would want to take something like that, I do not know. Well, now I'm trying to relocate it and I was wondering if you could help.
I know a lot of church members view your blog and I thought maybe, if you were comfortable, you could tell my story and ask people to keep an eye out for it in the neighborhood. It looks pretty unique so I have faith that it will show up somewhere (although I do have another friend in Northridge with a similar bike, too). If you think you might be able to help, I'd appreciate it.
By the way, my fiancee and I really enjoy church. Her name is Llona. We are getting married this summer, and will be moving to the other side of LA. So I'm not sure if we will still make it to Porter Ranch on Sundays, but we will perhaps attend the Pasadena campus.
Thanks for everything,
Joey Mearig


joeymearig said...

Hi it's Joey. Thanks for your help. I have almost relocated the bike. With the help of the police, I should have it soon.

Lupe M. said...

Hi there, It is so odd that I found this blog, My family and I were walking our dog at the Balboa Lake in Van nuys on Saturday and we saw a bike very similar to the one you show pictured. I remember my husband pointing it out to my kids because it looked like such a cool unique bike.

Kevin Pisano said...

did you find your bike yet?
if not let me know so i can see what the mountian bike ministry can do for you.