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Monday, January 21, 2008

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is a holiday when we pause to consider the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was the leading civil rights leader of our nation. His life was taken from him prematurely, and yet still today, his words and life are remembered for their role in making our nation ONE nation under God.

I like this picture for several reasons... but one reason, in particular, that I'd like to share. If you click on the picture, it should enlarge, and if you look carefully, you can see there were a LOT of Caucasians in the crowd that day. In the middle of Dr. King's speech, he actually addresses the "white" people in the crowd. Right in the center section of his famous speech given that day in Washington, he says that the reason they are here is because "THEIR DESTINY is LINKED with OUR DESTINY." And he was correct!!!

Most of my life, I have believed that God sees all of His children as the same, and that all races are equal is HIS sight. It is because of this belief that I have always encouraged diversity in the church, and I thank the Lord for blessing us in this endeavor.

I will write in a few days about a NEW ministry we have started regarding the development of racial diversity in churches and colleges around America. I am excited to share, so check back in a few days for a very important announcement concerning... WE HAVE A DREAM!!!


Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing that perspective. I hadn't heard or thought about that line in his speech before and it is a great one. I love to hear your passion for diversity in the church. This is something we seem to be lacking in many churches, especially in the mid-west where I'm from. Blessings to you!

mfales said...

the above link goes to a "song never published to the public" is very touching to the heart about America....perhaps you would like to show it near President's Day.

mfales said...

Here is more information on the song/video that I sent to you.....hopefully you are able to download it and hear the words.
Marianne Fales

The song was never released to the public

You may have heard before - but a nice reminder.

Pump up the volume!!! Read this description first and then 'play' the
attached song & slide show. The song you are about to listen to is from
a Las Vegas Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate resounding
standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it!
Everyone who loves America should be thrilled to hear this song!
Although Diamond Rio has never before done a statement song, they felt
compelled to record 'In God We Still Trust.' But guess what? Sadly,
major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered
'politically incorrect'. Consequently, the song was never released to
the public. So America , see what you think. If this offering speaks to
your heart and you feel to share it with friends and loved ones,