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Saturday, November 03, 2007

How do you share your faith?

Then He said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field."
Matthew 9:37, 38

This week at church, I shared some creative ways to share your faith with others. Now, it's your turn. Click on the comments link at the bottom of this post, and you can type in the creative ways you've used to share your faith. Then, next week, I might select two or three to share with the church.


Paul said...

One interesting method I use to share my faith is that I use scripture verses as passwords for all the computers and other equipment I'm responsible for at my work.

The Lord's Crew said...

Pastor Dudley, thank you for your love for the Lord and your leadership at Shepherd.

Here are a few of the ways I share this church and my faith with others.

I pass out the church's generic business card to anyone interested and whenever I leave a tip at a restaurant.
I leave a stack of Passion Play and Christmas brochures (with permission) at Ford's Chevron gas station on Rinaldi & Balboa, and Ralph's Goodyear in Sylmar.
I purchase tickets to our productions for my grocery store checkers, Dr's lab technicians, and a wonderful cook at work.
I make Christian writing pens, and I recently introduced myself to a new neighbor, giving her a pen and inviting her to church. Funny thing... it turns out she already attends Shep! God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good!

It's a blessing to serve and worship at Shepherd... Rick...

Lydia Smith said...

This is a way that an unknown young man used to share his faith. Two weeks ago my grandson was parked at a fast food restaurant with the hood of his truck up because the engine was overheating. A young man stopped and offered to help. After discussing the situation, he handed my grandson a track and invited him to Shepherd. My grand started to laugh and told him that his grandmother attends SOTH. The young man then e4ncouraged him to attend also.
Thanks for your service to the Lord,

Lori said...

Pastor Dudley, your message this weekend inspired my husband and I to take a step to more actively share our faith. Since my husband is an avid golfer, we're going to have some golf tee's printed up with We thought it was a great idea what that runner did. When golfing we will make sure we leave some on and around the course! We will also send you a package too! God Bless! Doug & Lori

Kens angel face said...

Pastor Dudley

I use myspace as a way to witness. I blog regularly and always mention Jesus in all of my blogs and allow people to know how much peace and happiness Jesus brings and wants to bring to them also.

I try to always use a cross or a scripture for my myspace webpage also.

I also use cards that have scriptures for birthdays,thinking of you,get well,and sympathy cards.

I also use witnessing as a tool through my actions. I offer to go last to lunch or to let someone else leave early or to help someone by going to get lunch for them if we are short at work and they can't leave.

In Jesus Name

Joy Bentley Larson

leo said...

Today was great. One of the ways I witness is carring the Word, in the form of God's power, decending from heaven, is on my sleeve, that is it's tattooed for the glory of God in my skin. Leo

leo said...
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Raquel said...

Every morning as I drive my kids to school there are two gentlemen that are there waiting for their bus. The girls wave to them each day and now the gentleman wave back to them. Every once in a while we stop and pick them up a doughtnut and run over and give it to them. I'm hoping by the logo on their shirt they can see that they attend a christian school. My hope is one day that someone will come and water that seed.

Paul LeGrand said...

One of my lifelong passions is photography, and though I've always felt I had a talent, it was'nt until after I was saved that I realized that the talent was a gift the Lord blessed me with to serve Him. Since then, I've served in Shepherd's media arts department as a cameraman, and an event photographer at things like the beach baptisms. As a day job, I work doing photography in the insurance investigation business. I started reading last year, and shortly afterwards, decided to create my own blog that was an eclectic mix of things that appeal to friends, clients, my Shepherd family, and other people interested in photography, current events, etc. My blog is written to appeal to a secular audience, as any good outreach tool should be.

Paul LeGrand

P.S. - Blogging is a great missionary outreach tool. My sister is a missionary who will soon be going on a 3 year missions trip to Masindi-Kitaro, Nothern Uganda. I set up a blog for her at

Daniel said...

I am one who makes my faith visible by wearing the Christian gear (t-shirts, caps, lapel pins, etc.). However, in my personal witnessing, I try and make it as narural and personal as possible. In all my communications, whether it be in person, phone, e-mail, etc., I always reference scriptural salutations, such as "God bless" or "praise the Lord", making it evident that it is in Him that we live, breathe and have our being. As a matter of fact, that is the salutation I use in signing letters and/or documents ... "In Him". This always raises questions as to why this is being done; thus, leaving a door open to the answer.

Another way is blasting my car CD player as I play my Praise and Worship music. This has both raised eyebrows and lowered windows in traffic throughout Southern California.

Rick said...

Pastor Dudley,
Thank you for your heartfelt sermon on sharing ones faith. I have a unique way of sharing my faith—riding my unicycle. Since unicycle riders are rare and seem to attract a lot of attention, I decided to write “Unicyclist for Jesus” and “” on my shirt. Since of my favorite places to ride is Balboa Park, I’m hoping to share my faith with all the unsaved people that I come across there and wherever else I ride.

Living for Christ said...

Pastor Dudley,
I came acoss this website a few months ago. If I had the funds to do it alone I would! Please take a few moments and check it out. It's called Servoultion, Oh how I would LOVE to serve San Fernando Valley like this, with the possibility of bringing some lost souls to Christ.

Mark Krynsky said...

I’ve been coming to Shepherd’s since January of this year and was Baptized at the beach this summer. I work in the web technology field and often use it to share my faith. After my Baptism I posted a video of it on Youtube and emailed it to all of my friends. You can view it by clicking here.

I also run a few websites and on one of them a large number of people can track my actions on the Web. I’ve begun to provide websites and other resources to help people discover Christ.

I am still very much in the early stages of growing here at the Church. I arrived a bit late, and I feel it’s very important for me to spend much of my time devoted to learning as much as I can. I have attended several great classes at Shepherd’s and also try to read the Bible nightly. I also joined a Lifegroup. The more I learn, the better I become at sharing the Word.

I find myself as someone using more subtle approaches to share my faith. I try to find common interests with friends that allow methods to open doors to discuss it. I’ve also joined the Basketball league. So whether I’m telling them of my double overtime win, or about the great speakers I heard at Revival, or about something from my Lifegroup. I try to relate something learned or experienced every week to help plant little seeds with them.

Gail Reese said...

Dear Pasto Dudley,
I attended each night of the revival. I was truly blessed!!!!For the past two years, I regularly talk to the grocery store young people who bag my groceries about visiting Shepherd. At the register, they asked if I need assistance to my car. And, I always tell them yes. Once we walk to my car, I first ask them if they would take a (monetary) tip. They all say no. When they say no, this gives me the chance to give them another type of tip. I asked if they attend church. If they answer "Yes" then I always encourage them (church goers) to visit Shepherd but I'm really interested in those that do not go to church. Those that answer "No" I suggest that they attend Shepherd because of the wonderful youth programs and great worship services. Most all listen as they help put my groceries inside my car. I have had no one respond in a negative manner. No one!!! Unbelievable because initially, I was alittle scared to talk to them about church. I didn't really know how they would react but I have been pleasantly surprised and motivated to continue tipping our youth. You see 100& of these grocery store people are young adults. They want to hear about the Lord. They want to be heard as well. They have shared about their career choices, their interests and family. I think it helps when I actually smile and allow them to talk. I'm not sure how many have visited Shepherd. I don't know but if only one young person visits then it will be OK. It's like a ripple in a can't help but make waves.It will touch something and in my case it will touch someone. I don't give a tip for their pockets. Instead I give them a tip for their souls.FYI-That's how I found out about SHepherd. My realtor told me that he gives a % of his commission to his church. WHen I asked which church he attended he said Shepherd. I was very curious to find out more about his church for him to give so much money. It must be a great church. That was 9 years ago!! And, I still believe Shepherd is a great church!!!!


CJ said...

My Husband & I played w/Shepherd's new softball league this past summer & had a blast (thanks to Josh & his helpers)! We are playing again this next season and are allowed to bring 2 people each to come & play. We think this would be a great way to reach out and share our faith. We have met some really great people & made some great friends that we keep in touch with. Although we have been attending SOTH for the past 4 years it just seems after this past summer God has brought some really great Christian's into our lives and we hope that we can do that for others so that they get a chance to know the Lord and surround themselves with some awesome people.

CJ said...

p.s. Sorry I left this out from my first comment. I just had to say that I recently bought a womens tshirt and I noticed people reading it as I was running some errands. I'll keep wearing it and know that I'll have a divine appointment with someone soon. I plan on getting one for my Husband also they are really nice! That would be cool if there was callonjesus tshirt weekend and everyone wore their tshirt to church and kept it on all day. :)

Emmanuel said...

Hi Pastor Dudley,
As a middle school teacher at Madison Middles School in North Hollywood. I plan to buy some pens and pencils from Shepherd of the Hills, Church On The Way, and Grace Community Church and "lend" them out to my students. So if you can direct me to the person(s) whom I can buy the pens/pencils from I can start "lending" them out to my students and co-teachers.

elm said...

My dear Pastor, until your message, I never realized I was "sharing my faith!" Ain't that sumpin?

My husband and I are in our middle 80s and on a very limited income. However, we attend church on Saturday evening and ride the shuttle from the lot across the street. I get TWO "Park and Praise" coupons each time which I trade for coupons for the Praises book store.

Here are some of the things I have purchased with those coupons and given or sent to friends and relatives: 2 Proverbs In A Haystack, 5 ABC's of Financial Success, 3 Keeping a Smile on your Faith, 2 large print Bibles for Seniors, 1 Bible for an addict, a Bible and carrying case for myself and a carrying case for a friend.

Also, when we travel (which isn't much anymore), at the motel or hotel I look for the Gideon Bible, open it to John 3:16, mark the scripture and place a dollar bill there. Hopefully, when a person opens that book, it will open to that scripture.

And, because of our ages, we have friends who pass away. Instead of sending flowers to the funeral that wither and die, I send a contribution to the Gideon International Society for Bibles to be placed in hotel and motel rooms.

AND, when we are given the ball point pens that have the church name and address, I manage to get a few, keep one or two in my purse, and when I see someone who needs a writing implement, I give that pen to them, and invite them to church.

So even without financial means, I really am sharing my faith! elm

leo said...

One of the ways I use to witness is carring the Word in the form of God's Glory on my sleeve, that is it's tattooed on both of my arms. I find that this opens up the door to those who look. And behold the Lord ordains the moment. Leo

leo said...

One of the ways I witness is carring the Lords Glory on my arm. That's tattooed into my skin, sleeved... this opens up the door to those select ones that God ordains for the moment. leo

Doreen said...

In my own way, I have always prayed to the Lord to open opportunities for me to be able to share my faith. He never fails. He always does.

I am a doctor training in psychiatry in New York. My family lives in the valley and we have been going to Shepherd of the Hills even when it was still at Hillcrest. I come home every month to be with my family and I serve as an usher when I am around.

In psychiatry, where many consider themselves atheist, we are told not to mention or ask about religion. We are thought that the treatment to mental illness is medication and psychotherapy. I have often broken this rule especially when the Lord put in my heart that I should share my faith to my patients. When talking and medication hit the wall, I know it is time to share my faith.

I would want to share with you few of my patients that I have shared my faith with. I had a patient that have survived multiple serious suicide attempts, on drugs, and have been chronically depressed with psychosis. All new psychiatric medications, series of ECT (electroconvulsive therapy or shock therapy), and different types of psychotherapy did not do him any good. My supervisor even told me that he was hopeless. I did not believe her and I started praying for this guy. I knew that he would have hope if I share with him Jesus Christ and I did. I saw the transformation in his life, he started having hope in his life. He recovered to the point that we were able to discharge him from the psychiatric hospital. He did so well on the outside that he was removed from his Psychiatric commitment. The last time I heard about him, he is doing very well.

Another was a pastor's child who was into drugs and severe depression. I was warned by my supervisor that this patient is very manipulative and nobody really wants to listen to all his lies. A burden was placed in my heart because I know that his father have been saving souls but cannot save his. He was a tough guy but I spend a lot of time with him just talking about Jesus Christ. I encouraged him to read the bible and he told me that he did not have one. I bought him a bible and gave it to him through my friend who is a pastor. I did not give it personally to him because I will get in trouble in my residency program. But through this pastor, he recommitted his life to the Lord. He said that he is going to straighten his life and he will be a pastor like his dad.

This is how the Lord has been using me through my work. I never forget to pray for all my patients. I always listen to the Lord's leading.

God works in different ways. We just have to pray and open our hearts and He will lead the way.

In Him,
Doreen Gonzales

Gabby said...

Pastor Dudley, I run a Christian Dubbing Studio in Burbank. We do foreign language translations and dubbing of videos of different ministries and production companies in over 30 languages.These could be sermons,films and testimonies etc.I take the pre-production meetings as an opportunity to discuss the script with translators, voice actors and directors...this allows me to get into a dialog with them...where in the process I share the Good News of Jesus Christ!
Many of them are muslims from Iran, Egypt, Turkey.
One young Iranian person ofcourse got very angry( to the extent of showing signs of violence) when he came to know that our studio does dubbing in Farsi that is broadcast over Iranian TV...He called the airing of these videos as propaganda and I had the opportunity to tell him that it was "sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ"!
My workplace provides this tremendous scope and a natural fit to share the Gospel..because at the end of the project the people involved receive a copy of the DVD which they take with them..and I believe it opens up another door of opportunity for their families to watch the DVD and listen to the Good News in their own language!

My family and I have been worshiping at SOTH for the last few months and we have been blessed with your messages...they are very thought-provoking, challenging and motivating. Thank you very much.

Gabriel Rufus

Nancy said...

This is a great idea! Thanks Pastor Dudley!! I LOVE reading all of the creative ways people have used to witness and plan on adopting many of them. Here are a few more:
...I purchased a "six-pack" of Lee Stroebel's book The Case For Christ and have given them to people who I know love an intellectual argument and are not convinced that the bible is the truth.
....also purchased 7 sets of The Bible Experience and gave them as Christmas gifts last year.
.... I included a witnessing portion in my annual Christmas letter (tried to make it lighthearted and not pushy) then sent it out late so that people would be more inclined to read it thoroughly and it would not get pushed aside with all of the other cards and letters. At the end of the letter I wrote:
"Other than that I have been busy with activities and studies with my church, Shepherd of the Hills. I’ve really enjoyed hosting a bible study at my house. I can’t believe its such FUN!!! :>) I’ve also developed a strong interest in reading anything I can that shows evidence that what we read in the Bible is accurate and can be proved. I’ve always loved history so this has been really fascinating to me. It’s amazing the archeological and historical evidence that has surfaced just in my lifetime. I had always been the skeptic so I’ve especially enjoyed the books by Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ, The Case for A Creator, etc. He was an investigative reporter (graduated from Yale Law School) who, when his wife suddenly announced that she had become a Christian, decided to investigate the Bible using the same criteria he used to investigate crimes… to look at all the hard evidence and circumstantial evidence and come to a judgment just as you would in a court of law. In other words, just like any other guy, he was out to prove his wife was WRONG!:>) So if you want to learn more about what evidence is out there, or would like to see if you can spot any fallacies in his research I recommend his books. Another non-fiction book that was really great is Betrayed, by Stan Telchin. This was written by a Jewish man who was heartbroken and totally devastated when one of his daughters called to tell him she believed that Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) was the long-awaited Messiah. He felt that the only way to get his daughter back was to convince her intellectually that she was wrong. So he proceeded to examine every prophecy in the Hebrew Scriptures (O.T.) and to interview rabbis and scholars to get at the truth. He even took time off work, desperate to do anything to restore his daughter to her senses! His book tells about that spiritual journey.

Something else I have really enjoyed this year is called The Bible Experience. (I know, I know …we should never discuss religion or politics and I’ve already exceeded my limit, but this is very cool!) It’s a dramatic reading of the New Testament by famous black actors. What makes it really interesting, enjoyable, and easier to understand is that they not only read the scripture but you hear different voices for each character and they add the background noises you would normally hear in the setting… a donkey braying, villagers yelling, a storm, etc. There are 18 CD’s and also a DVD that shows the filming of it. And it’s cheap… only $30 on, $31 at Costco. So you can hear the whole New Testament, just in a few weeks of driving to work! In April they plan to have completed the Old Testament as well, with Denzel Washington and his wife reading Song of Solomon.
(ah ha… I knew I could catch your attention!:>))

This is a frightening, dangerous age in which to live…. Scary… but fascinating. With all of the conflict in Iraq and the Mideast, the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinjad vowing to wipe Israel off the map and to humiliate the U.S., Israelis possibly contemplating attacks to rid Iran of its nuclear raw materials before they ever suffer another Holocaust, and U.S. involvement trying to bring peace to a myriad of cultures it has little understanding of, it sure makes you wonder what is going to happen next….. especially if you have studied biblical prophecy. What an age we live in! Who would have thought we would ever have had to fear beheadings!!!! Ok, it’s not like I walk down the street and wonder if I’m going to be beheaded today! But I never thought beheadings would be on TV as NEWS and to affect Americans! And how incredible that God’s chosen people Israel, such a tiny, tiny nation, only 75 miles wide and 300 miles long, consistently dominates the world’s headlines!

Sorry…Instead of writing you a cheery Christmas greeting, I’ve probably just raised your anxiety level to a new high! I find comfort, however, and hope you do too, in knowing who is in charge. I place my faith in Him.

May God bless you and keep you safe in 2007 and may your hearts be filled with peace, joy, love, and happiness,
AND…enough curiosity to search for the truth as you pursue your own spiritual journey

P.S. Not sure if the bible is the inspired word of God?… check out Isaiah 40:22 (it was written 800 years before Christ and he talks about God looking down on the CIRCLE of the earth.)

Michelle said...

November 6, 2007

Dear Pastor Dudley,

I am writing to thank you for the encouraging word that you gave us this past weekend. I couldn’t agree anymore with you and your heart to evangelize to the lost. Several things came to mind as you went over the different ways to share our faith. As I listened to you I was so thrilled and overcame with joy and excitement and I truly just wanted to run up to you and share with you all of the wonderful works that God is doing in my workplace.
Just to give you a little background, I work in a physical therapy clinic and I am so thankful to God that He blesses me everyday with the opportunity to evangelize and to minister to the sick. I love my job and I am so thankful that God has blessed me in abundance from being in there the last 12 years of my life. Although I have worked there for 12 years, it is only within the last 6 years that I have really come to understand that God truly has a purpose for me there. I first attended Shepherd some 5 years ago and ever since then God has created in me a tremendous heart for the lost and a passion to share His love. I come from a devout Catholic background, I grew up knowing the love of Christ and I believed that God gives us everything that is good “as every good and every perfect gift is from above.”(James 1:17) But, I never was compelled to share my faith in Jesus until the body of believers here at Shepherd, especially you Pastor Dudley has showed me by your example and through your passion to reach the lost that drove me to do it. God has changed my life immensely and He has created in me an indescribable fire and a great desire to evangelize to those hurting people in the world. Through fervent prayer, reading, and meditating on God’s word daily I believe that Jesus tells us that if we love Him we are to obey His commandments. The greatest commandment Jesus ever gave us is in Matthew 28:18-20 (“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and the on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”) and in fully hearing it and believing that it is truly what God has commanded us to do because He is the truth and everything that He says is true, then the task of evangelism is only difficult when we don’t have faith in the God who created all things and has the power to create in someone a heart for Jesus.
Everyday, I go into my workplace praying to God and asking God to show me which one of those whom I will come across with is He calling for himself. You know God is faithful and He says to us in 1 John 3:22, “And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing to His sight.” So, whatever I ask in His name, I believe that I have already received. With every step of faith by sharing the love of Christ to my patients, God is pleased with me. (Hebrews 11:6)
Also, I remind myself often that God’s word says, faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. God did not set as apart from all of His other creations as the only creation that He has created in this whole universe to have the capacity to speak. By God’s grace, He has given me a place to work where I can openly and boldly share the love of Christ and my faith in Jesus. Even though my boss is Jewish who by the way now claims to be half-Jew and half-Christian (Glory to God!), I remind him often that I am a Christian and I am not going to withhold from others something that is so good. Proverbs 3:27 says, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.” Ever since I started attending Shepherd, God has created in me such a overflowing joy that every time I would go into the office on Monday mornings, I would just share and share initially with the Christians. Until one day about 4 years ago, as I was giggling with my Christian co-worker sharing with her about how good God is when a patient in passing said these words to me, “If God was so good then why haven’t you shared Him with others.” Let me tell you I have never been rebuked so hard to a point of utter repentance before our Almighty God. Ever since that time, God has given me such a passion to communicate His love that it just flows out of me. For I am not ashamed to bear the name of Christ and I vow to share every good thing that God blesses me with because I believe that faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God. Needless to say, I am thankful to God for the gift of gab and I am going to use it for His glory. As a reminder, I keep a verse very close to my heart and that is “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to boast in the Lord!

A loving member of Shepherd of the Hills Church, who bears the name of Christ and whose passion is to reach the lost and the least of this world. To God be all glory, honor, and praise!

Moreland said...

I have many ways of sowing seeds: Noah's ark brooch; 2 necklaces worn at same time: the world and a cross; reading my Bible on the bus, outside at lunch, at my desk where possible; 2 different letters sent to all 100 senators re: spiritual challenges of America including the call for repentance and salvation; bulletin board at my apartment complex with SOTH events, worship symposiums and other Christian events; and gold confetti angels included in cards and bill payments (esp. effective after 9/11). I also had some cards made up the size of business cards that say, "Next to our personal relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ, people are the most valuable treasures on earth." I leave them with a Werther and the tip at restaurants, hand them to grocery checkers along with a Werther, leave them in the floors of elevators, include them with bill payments, hand them out to every member of my department when I leave a temp job. Because they are the size of business cards and not real tracts, people read them and before they realize what they are reading, the word is within them.

chuangbert said...

Hey Pastor Dudley,
Our Life group streams our meetings on the internet!
You know youtube? of course! well another site called is somewhat of the same idea, but it's a collection of LIVE videos. A lot of the videos on there are "inappropriate" or essentially nothing but watching someone work. So we decided to be different.
We used to have it under my account which had about 192 views. Now we decided to use a label more appropriate:
We usually have one or 2 people watching. One guy from cinncinati and another i think in washington. They just happened to browse some streams and landed on us those nights. We try our youthful,technical ways to let other know about this through myspace,facebook, or email.
Hey 2 strangers out of the tens of people we know aint that bad LOL!

Amanda said...

An interesting way that I try to share my faith with teenagers is once in a while posting a bulletin on my myspace that has a quote from the bible. I try to find some that may help people realize the importance of having faith. One quote I used the other day was from Mathew 5:11-12

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. "

After I wrote it I asked people who aren't afraid to say they love God to repost it so they can spread the word of God along as well. I also tell people to check out my blog because I have more of my favorite quotes that I would like everyone to read.

Aaron Pugh said...

I think listening to Christian Music in the workplace can help open up a lot of conversations. Also, when I lived in LA, I would try to invite one person a day to SOTH. While I didn't always attain that, it was a tangable goal and helped me look for various opportunities I could invite someone to church or share my faith with someone else. (I miss Shepherd!)

davidnelson said...

khptomSomething I have been doing for some time is:

I place the scripture : Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to GOD on the back of all my credit cards.

Usually they need to check and verify my signature. Then they ask for my ID. When I open my wallet, just above my ID is the saying "The next person you meet may need to meet Christ" This usually catches many peoples attention and I sometime get questions.

I have several scripture verses in my wallet on a laminated card.

I also carry serveral cards with the church info and worship times.

I can't recall how many cards I have hand out, but it is a lot.

Also, when I where my Call on Jesus shirt, it's just the iceing on the cake.

Works for me.

courtney said...

A lot of people belong to message boards, and it's so easy to add something to a signature on the message board..or in a community profile...or even just emails.

I've been adding to my message board signatures, so that whenever I join a discussion on a message board online, everyone sees my signature every time I write something.

Chris Robinson said...

The greatest way to share one's faith is the one on one approach. Face to face gives you a great opportunity to share your faith in a way that the other person can truly feel what you are saying and they can be touched by your heart.

However, in this technological age I love using the internet. "Myspace" allows me to touch millions of people I may never meet here on earth but I look forward to meeting in the endless age to come. Here's my site if you'd like to check it out, on a continual basis it reaches nearly 2,000 people and millions more may be exposed to it!:

Christine said...

Pastor Dudley,

The way I like to share my faith is with t-shirts with sayings on them. One time I went to Disneyland with my shirt that say's "God Is In Control" and I took my neices and nephews into Mickey's house in Toontown and a man that worked there read my shirt and agreed. After we were done, I took them next door to Minnie's house and a women who worked the lines read my shirt and commented that she agreed too. I let her know about the man at Mickey's house and she was very excited and said she had thought she was the only Christian there. I was able to connect two Christians that could lift each other up in time of need at work.
Praise God that He IS in Control.
Blessings to you and yours,

The Cat Guy said...

Hi Dudley,

Several years ago, the Lord started leading me, prompting me to go to different Starbucks locations and read my Bible. So, I obeyed.

He was always specific and emphatic about which Starbucks I was to go to, where I was to sit and how long I was to stay. He has also led me at times to particular restaurants to read my Bible.

I consider this "passive witnessing" - that is, people see me reading my Bible and it causes them to ponder about God. I can see it in their expressions.

Some interesting and heartwarming things have resulted from this "ministry" of mine. On the other hand, many times there is no "payoff" or otherwise dramatic occurence. That's fine with me though because I LOVE to read my Bible every chance I can anyway and I am proud to read it in public. The victory,therefore,is in being obedient to what the Lord has told me to do. Hallelujah and Baruch HaShem ["Bless The Name" in Hebrew].


Andrew Schermerhorn

The Cat Guy said...

Hi Dudley,

Several years ago, the Lord started leading me, prompting me to go to different Starbucks locations and read my Bible. So, I obeyed.

He was always specific and emphatic about which Starbucks I was to go to, where I was to sit and how long I was to stay. He has also led me at times to particular restaurants to read my Bible.

I consider this "passive witnessing" - that is, people see me reading my Bible and it causes them to ponder about God. I can see it in their expressions.

Some interesting and heartwarming things have resulted from this "ministry" of mine. On the other hand, many times there is no "payoff" or otherwise dramatic occurence. That's fine with me though because I LOVE to read my Bible every chance I can anyway and I am proud to read it in public. The victory,therefore,is in being obedient to what the Lord has told me to do. Hallelujah and Baruch HaShem ["Bless The Name" in Hebrew].


Andrew Schermerhorn

Bill D said...

Greetings Pastor Dudley,

I would like to share with you my favorite method of sharing my faith.

From time to time I encounter someone looking for a handout. Without judging I attempt to be freindly.

I ask them, "when you were working, how much did you make an hour?". The normal reply is $10-$15, I than comment that 25 cents per minute is pretty good money. This usually seems to send them into a mathmatically puzzled state. Before they have much time to consider that I offer 50 cents per minute to listen to me. Normally there is a hesitant agreement. I check my wallet, the time and start sharing.

I close with a prayer that ny prospect (by name) not only invites Jesus in to their life for salvation but also for wisdom in spending. At not point to I make comments about their spending habbits, afterall I don't think it is any of their business how I spend mine.

I do keep in mind that my job is to plant seeds and pray for the harvest.

Bill Deichler

Janet said...

how I share my faith:
I have 3 tatoos that cause people to ask me "what does that mean". I figure if I can get them to ask me, then they've opened the door, and I'm more than willing to tell them about Jesus. (since they asked)
My tatoos are:
1. Loved-Forgiven-Redeemed-Rejoicing and dancing with God daily
2. Zech. 3:2 Burning Stick Plucked from the Fire
3. I am not, but I know I AM

Rick said...

Pastor Dudley last year was so profound when your brother came to preach the three types of Christian. The examples of the chairs were so compelling of how important our walk (evangelizing) is to the non-believer. Can you please have your brother come back and preach the same sermon?

Little Lotte said...

Dear Pastor Dudley,

I believe that this is an AWESOME way to share the gospel. Especially with people who are hurting. The clip is of Logan. A 13 year old boy who takes his story and shares with everyone how God gave His ONE and ONLY Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for sinners.

When I witness to unsaved people, specifically the ones who are hurting, I use instances in my life where I have experienced the same thing or similar. And in doing so, I share with them how God revealed His everlasting love to me in that situation. Then I follow it up with the plan for salvation and how they can have that gift of love. The kind of love God has for His Son, and the kind Christ has for the Church. And then I invite them to attend a service at Shepherd. GOD IS GOOD, Pastor. Hope the clip of Logan is a blessing.

Sis in Christ,
Sharai (shuh-ray ^_^)

Kate said...

My husband was a part of a Christian Fraternity, Alpha Gamma Omega while attending UCSB. I participated in the “little sister program” of that Fraternity, LSM (Little Sisters of Maranatha).

Every Saturday night the college town, Isla Vista, would be crowded with people, most of whom were drunk, walking up and down the “party street” known as DP (Del Playa).

So, every Saturday night, members of AGO and LSM would scotch tape small pieces of paper to the tops of water bottles. Those pieces of paper said, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I give him will never thirst.”

Then we would take about 4 or 5 cases of this water and start walking towards DP. We would hand them out to people as we passed them. Some refused the water, others questioned if we had tampered with it, some just took it and walked away, but… some asked, “what does this mean?” referring to the quote atop the bottle. And that was our chance to share.

It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there at such a liberal school, but passing out water bottles with a scripture quote, and then staying to answer questions outside on a cold street is one small way we were able to share our faith at UC, Santa Barbara.

Kate & Neil