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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Right to Life

It's been a few days since I've posted... perhaps the longest time I've ever gone without posting...
But a lot has been happening... I have been working on the '08 theme and schedule, and yesterday was a big day... The Lord usually fills my heart with a direction and a theme. Then ideas and thoughts come flooding into my mind, and yesterday, it was like a dam breaking.

It's always a blessing to be alone with God and to seek His will and His direction for your life. It's always an added blessing to search His will on behalf of the church. I want to thank everyone for your patience and your prayers.

I do want to mention that recently, our church hosted an event for the Pregnancy Counseling Center here in the Valley. This is an organization that helps women in crisis. They are a pro-life organization that offers hope to women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. They offer help and counsel, as well as prayers and encouragement. They come alongside these women and let them know that there is a lot of help available, if they chose life for their baby.

Since 1973, we have aborted 45 million babies in the United States of America. The Bible teaches us that God knit us together in our mother's womb (Psalm 139:13). God canNOT be pleased with how little concern we show towards the unborn children who are made in HIS image. Please do what you can to help organizations like the Pregnancy Counseling Center.

At this event, Michael W. Smith performed a concert and Jim Caviezel gave his testimony and support. It was a wonderful evening at Shepherd of the Hills Church, but the Lord convicted me that we need to do MORE as a church and MORE as individuals for the sanctity of life.

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Sue Rosenberger said...

Thank you for the speaking up for the unborn and for the work we do at the Pregnancy Counseling Center. We were ministered to so deeply that night by your prayer, Michael's ministry of worship and Jim Caviezel's testimony. Our center is hoping to have an ultra sound machine by the end of this year so that men and women will see the truth of God's knitting together human life. Our prayer is that Pastors will continue to speak up about the epidemic of abortion in our land and God's broken heart. Just as there have been 45 million baby's aborted; millions of men and women have been devastated by their choice... made at a time of crisis. Millions in our land need God's redeeming salvation to heal from abortion. This September the Throne of Grace Post Abortion Ministry at Shepherd of the Hills will start it's ten week Bible study. We pray that many women will come and receive the healing they need from Jesus.
May God continue to speak through you and may you continue to hear His still small voice; saying, "Dudley this is the way walk in it."
Sue Rosenberger