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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We Have a Dream... A Dream of Destiny

Do you recognize these two staff members from Shepherd???
I am currently in Kansas City at the North American Christian Convention, and tonight, I introduced a new ministry that is geared toward helping our churches be more active in training and equipping African American pastors. You would NOT know by looking at Shepherd because we are so diverse, but the Bible Belt has thousands of churches where very little is being done to reach those of different ethnic backgrounds.

Tonight, I met with Bible College Presidents, Mega Church Pastors and the '07 and '08 executive committee members and issued a challenge to begin meeting for the purpose of coming up with a game plan to help raise up leaders of tomorrow.
I am calling this ministry "We Have a Dream... a Dream of Destiny." That idea came about as I was reading the famous speech of Dr. Martin L. King. In this famous talk at the mall in Washington D.C., he talks about people who were there that day who were NOT African American, and he states that the reason others are here is because "they know that their destiny is linked to our destiny."

It was a great success, and I'm thankful that our church, Shepherd of the Hills Church, is taking the lead on this particular issue. I want to thank each of you for doing your part.

Also... Our own Michael North and about 20 of our staff made the journey here to Kansas City and are involved in one way or another. You can Google North American Christian Convention to learn more about this event...

Thanks for your prayers.... and hope to send another report soon.....

And by the way..... I love you.....

In love,



The Putnam's said...

Happy 4th of July ! Please remember to pray for those who aren't with their families today, because they are fighting for the freedome we have here at home. Pray for our troops and the Veterans who fought before them. Celebrate the freedom we are so blessed to have. God Bless You!

courtneyelizabeth said...

Hi Pastor Dudley,

This is so great! Keep up your work in Christ!