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Monday, July 23, 2007

Beach Baptism 2007 Video


steve spaulding said...

Hello Dudley,

Warm greetings tonight from Colorado Springs. I've been looking over your church's website and your blog-site and feel a good deal of affinity to what you're able, what you're passionate about.

How did I run into you? You have a member in your church, Heather Morrison, who was a great pre-Christ friend to my wife--after my wife became a Christian, and possibly long before she did. Anyway we just visited her and got a tour of her work-place at the Sony studies in Culver City a few weeks back during a big road-trip we took to the West Coast. They were friends in San Jose where my wife was raised.

I'm an MK, was raised in Japan, Canada and Brazil, and have become a career missionary myself. That's partly why I'm contacting you at this time--will mainly do it through your missions pastor and coordinator. But just wanted to introduce myself this way, and to say that, after looking at your blog-site, feel a good deal of overlap in vision and passion with you... while holding some creative thoughts about 'where we are' in terms of this unfinished task of mission, worldwide.

We can talk more, and I can ff s file or two to you for further discussion :)


Steve Spaulding

Coach said...

Powerful day!!! To see my boys baptized (Michael 8 and Mason 6) was a very gratifying experience for Molly and I. I thank God for this church everyday. Thanks for having this awesome day of praise.

Mike Johnson