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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Larry Kern - Song of God's Love

I have a VERY dear friend in the church by the name of Larry Kern. Larry leads the worship in the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am. I grew up singing the Hymns of old, and these are the songs that Larry leads in the FLC. I recently came across this video of Larry singing at an event out in Thousand Oaks, and I wanted you to hear him sing. This is a powerful song. Although the quality is a little blurred, you will see HOW WONDERFUL LARRY CAN SING. If you enjoy this video, why not start joining Larry on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am in the FLC?

Thank you, Larry, for being a friend and a MAN OF GOD and for using your gifts for the Lord here at Shepherd.

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conshimon said...

Oh my. I believe this is Larry Kern who went to Bethany Bible College in the 70s. As a young girl, I remember listening to him and knowing there was something special about his voice. As I grew up and became a singer myself, I understood his gift to be the anointing of the Holy Spirit coupled with an amazing talent. It is blending God's "super" to his "natural" = supernatural!

Larry would not know who I am because I am probably 5-7 years younger, but please let him know that he touched a young girl's life and showed her what anointed music ministry is.

I was recently at Bethany's homecoming to sing for a music night there and kept asking if anyone had invited Larry Kern. But, alas, he was not there. I've been searching to see if I could find anything out about him.

I'm a happily married gal with two beautiful daughters so this is not anything more than someone who is really touched by his music, and from your video, I can see he is still as beautiful a minister as ever!

Thank you for sharing the video.