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Monday, April 23, 2007

Developing and Deploying

We are in a sermon series about using your gifts for the Glory of God. EVERYONE has been given some type of gift. You are good at something. Wouldn't it please the Lord if every one of us used our God given talents for the purpose of honoring God?

Not only would YOU be blessed for using your talent, but the Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:12 that the entire body of Christ would be built up. Now in my little brain, I think that building up the body of Christ would be a GOOD thing... Don't you???

And just think about that... With the gifts and talents that God has placed within you, you are able to build up the entire body of Christ.

Unlike some things, this particular discipline is something that brings JOY into the heart of the one who practices it, and it is also able to bring JOY into the heart of the person that you are serving.

Why not put a little JOY into your heart and into the heart of God by finding a place to serve his body (church) today? He is never more pleased than when we are excitedly and exceptionally developing and deploying our talents on His behalf.

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Mike said...

Hi Pastor Dudley,
I go to your church and love your preaching. You have taught me to pray, and to walk in the world and the Word and to keep head up high as a Christian in this valley which is not an easy thing to do. I am grateful for your work. I am in no way as much of a force as you but I try to make sure that people know I am a Christan at work and at play and to lead by example. How well do I do at it? I do my best.
I am an animation director by trade and the animation industry is full of skeptics about the Lord. Most see it as folklore and foolishness and quite a few are downright mean to Christians. I have a blog that I use to show my artwork and ideas to others but sometimes I write about other subjects as well, including God and His work in my life and in the world and the persecution of Christians today. Recently I wrote an item on my blog that had to do with evolution and we've gotten quite a bit of responses to it so far. It makes me sad that so many young people do not believe in God and that we are descended from Apes. I'm sure you're busy but you ever have a moment you can read what people are saying here.

Is there any chance that some time in the future you might devote a Sunday to evolution and what the truth is and more specifically what we, as Christians can say to people who think this way?