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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Romancing Royalty 2007

I totally understand that MOST of you read through Romancing Royalty during 2006, but for those of you who didn't, I want to encourage you to read through it during 2007. This book contains 365 powerful devotions that will draw the reader closer to King Jesus. With over 100 guest authors, this is one of the best devotional books you can find. I am convinced that this tool will help you in your spiritual development. For those of you who completed it during 2006, why don't you post your comments on what it meant for your spiritual journey? And again, for those of you who did NOT read through it, it's not too late to begin. We are still in the first week of 2007. Every devotion has a text, a story, a prayer, three study questions, and a place to journal. Why not start off the year on the right path? This book can be purchased at the Praises bookstore or at the website,


Sal Pizzo said...

Pastor Dudley, I couldn't agree more with you regarding "Romancing Royalty". I diligently read it and jounaled in it, every day of 2006. It was such a blessing and served as a roadmap for my relationship with the Lord. So much so, that I am utilizing it again this year. I find it helpful and enlightening to read each devotional again and my journal notes for that day. Much of what I wrote included who and what I was praying for that day. Already, my yellow marker has gotten a workout, as I relive the prayers that our awesome God answered last year. I urge everyone to "Romance Royalty" again in 2007 or for the first time if they didn't in 2006.

hightek123 said...

Dear Pastor Dudley, My husband Carlos, my son Charlie and I read the Romancing Royalty book daily after reading we pray for the many needs, our church leaders including you, amen choir, etc. We take this book everywhere with us -- I mean everywhere (Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Zion, Maui, Europe, etc.) We were in San Diego for new year's snf on January 1st we started reading the book again.

We enjoy your father's story "Hardened Hearts" but our favorite is "$200000 home - about a person who does not go to church, does not read the bible, does not pray, serve or love is like the builder who cut corners, by building his spiritual house on the sand and not upon the rock, Jesus Christ."

We know that this book is guided by the holy spirit, you are writer and God is the author, he used you in a mighty way to blessed many to help us live unselfish and humble lives. We encouraged everyone in our life group to read this book.

May God greatly bless you!!!

Carlos, Yvette and Charlie Ayala

Nunravee said...

Dear Pastor Dudley,

Blessed was the day when I got "Romancing Royalty"!:) I was so glad I went to church that day and the church gave us a free copy of the devotional. I didn't really think it would change my life in any way. I thought it was just another book. But little did I know what would happen...

I read the 1st devotional on January 1, 2006 but then stopped. My mother was on a trip in Chile and asked me if I was keeping up with the devotional and reading it to my brother. I said no. She got mad and told me to read it. So the next day I started reading it to my brother and my friend would always call me while I was reading the devotional so I asked her "Do you mind listening to me read something to my brother?" And she said, "Ok."

Let me emphasize that she had been my friend for 4 years and was not a Christian. I had been praying for her throughout the years for her salvation. I would tell her about Christ but she wouldn't accept Him.

During the questions part of the devotional my brother wouldn't answer them. My friend however, would get upset at my brother so she would answer them for him. She would laugh and say, "I'm not even a Christian and I can answer them!"

As the months passed by we would still talk every night and I continued to read her the devotionals over the phone, believe it or not! And she listened.

During the middle of the year I noticed she started to seek God. She would tell me that she would go to Borders bookstore and sit there and read Christian books! Then she started watching the Christian channel! I couldn't believe it!!

Then one day she told me she was considering becoming a Christian. I was excited but I was also skeptical. However, she still had some questions but I couldn't answer them for her. I just didn't know how to explain it. Her biggest problem was that she couldn't understand the Trinity.

On August 6, 2006 I met her at Borders in the Christian book section. We started researching the Trinity. But nothing really explained it well enough. We were there for hours, still nothing. And then a woman overheard us and explained it to us in such a simple way that my friend finally understood. She then questioned her own religion, Buddhism and searched for a book that would compare Buddhism to Christianity.I knew of a book that was perfect for her. She kept looking but couldn't find the book and I told her, "The book probably isn't here." But she wouldn't give up. Finally, she found the tiny book on the top shelf in the corner of a non-Christian section. I couldn't believe it! It was the exact book I was telling her about!

She read through it and told me, "Now I know the difference." So I asked her, "Do you want to become a Christian?" And after 4 years of prayer she said "Yes." And then she said the sinner's prayer.

Immediately she started going to Shepherd every week with me and we continued "Romancing Royalty."

The book's goal was to bring us closer to King Jesus and it truly did! Not only did my friend get saved but I changed as well. I learned what it meant to surrender it all to Christ and I desired a pure heart.

I encourage everyone reading this to have a daily devotion with God. Don't ever give up on prayers! And if possible read a devotional to a friend.

My friend and I would like to thank you and everyone involved in the making of "Romancing Royalty." It truly was a divine gift from God! Praise God!

P.S.We hope you're working on another "Romancing Royalty"!

Sam Pascual said...

Our dear Pastor,
My entire family received a free copy of Romancing Royalty last year. The book blessed me so much personally that after I finished 2006 I passed it on to my eldest daughter and her family when we got together on New Year's Eve. My family and I can hardly wait for your next book.
Sam Pascual, Life Group Leader

Ann said...

Dear Pastor Dudley
I am beginning again! I read Romancing Royalty and found it very inspiring every day of 2006 I know it will be in 2007. Thank you for bringing it to us.
I must admit though, some days I can't help myself - and read several days ahead. Then read them again on the day.
Thank you!