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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Is Jesus Lord of All? 2007

2007: This could be the year of Christ's Return...


Chris Ray said...

Pastor Dudley,

Man, am I glad I got out of the bed and sprinted to church today. A couple of weeks ago I was sharing with my wife my own frustration with trying to figure out how and in what sequence I should be using the talents God has intrusted to me. She then proceeded to tell me to write down all the talents and pray for direction. So in between working at the Sports Ministry table today, I go to the FLC and hear you speaking about The Year of Stewardship, Jesus being Lord of All, and the fostering of talents. Pastor, I've been in church since I was about 7, got Saved at 10, and I'm 35 now; I can officially tell you, today was the first time I got a true understanding of God's work in giving a Vision to my Pastor.

God gave you the big Vision for this specific body of believers. And even before we heard it from your lips, he began preparing us by giving us the smaller personal and family Visions. This way, when you brought the word to us, our hearts were already prepared. So instead of being surprised, it was simply an "Aha" moment. At least that's what I hope most of experienced this weekend.

This isn't the first time God has given me a similar vision to that of the church, but today was the time it all made since. So I'm excited about where the Lord is leading me, my family, and our church. I look forward to learning how to be a better steward, and using all that God has given me for His Glory.

Thanks for writing the vision and making it plain.

Always praying for you,
Chris Ray

In Training said...

Pastor D, so excitted about the 2007 them! Thank you SO much for seeking the Lord and putting the vision together. I just want God to raise the roof in 2007. If everyone at SOTH (including me) is living 100% sold out for the Lord it would just be amazing what God could do through us. Thanks Again. My husband and I really appreciate SOTH and you!