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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Favorite Christmas Card

Every year on Christmas day, after the children have unwrapped their gifts, I settle down for a couple of hours and read through all the Christmas cards, notes, and greetings that friends and people from the church have sent me. I always enjoy reading the cards and personal notes that are written by so many of you. I look at every card and read every note.

One of the things I enjoy is trying to figure out which cards are my favorites. I had several this year, but my very favorite came from the Manocchio family who sent a picture of their two daughters, Gabriela, age 11, and Julia, age 8.

Look at this picture! Besides being adorable, it is full of meaning, as 2006 was the year of "prayer". This family wanted to send a message to all of their friends and family that their home had become a "house of prayer."

So thank you Jon and Niurka (dad and mom) as well as Gabriela and Julia for sending out what I thought was my favorite Christmas card of 2006. You truly blessed me as well as everyone else who received this card.

The words on the card were as follows..... Praying that the Spirit of Christmas and the hope it brings, will be in your heart during this season and the whole year round. For to us a child is born, to us a son is given... and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6


Jon said...

Thanks Pastor Dudley for picking our card as your favorite we are glad that you liked it. It was truly our intent to let people know where we stand and that we are praying for them. The credit of the idea has to go fully to my wife Niurka as she was the creator, and director of the photo shoot which was done in our kitchen with a blanket hanging in the back. I have been reading your blogs, and have enjoyed your comments despite the fact that my wife is a USC faculty member, please don't hold that against us. Take Care, God bless, and Happy New Year, Jon Manocchio

HULETTE said...

Greetings and God's Blessings to you Pastor 'D' in a special way, as we Remember Jesus precious name. I thank the Lord for each of you for praying for me and for continued prayers during these days of rest and recovery. What an AWESOME God we serve...I give HIM all the praise and glory and consider it pure JOY...

"I feel so blessed to be amongst the living and I am so in debt to all the Prayer Warriors for their faithfulness and for praying believing too that the one true and living God we serves is still on His throne showing mercy on us ... Thank you "JESUS" for your continued love for us ...

I pray each day for you and your continued faithfulness to God and His Word. That you are well and staying in the battle! I do not know about you, but sometimes, especially when circumstances are hard, it is easy for me to forget that I am a citizen of heaven and not of this world. And when I forget, I begin to lose hold of the truth that I am in a battle against unseen forces in the heavenly realms.

The enemy of our souls battles constantly to prevent people from hearing about Christ and entering into His rest. I think of the many hundreds who have lost their lives due to severe cold weather.

I think of missionaries across the universe held captive in prison; prevented from preaching the good news to unreached villages and the lost. I think of the hundreds of thousands of Aids victims in Africa and the world. Lepers, starving and sick children especially in India and the far regions of the world and those who are isolated and far from the reach of most evangelistic work.

But I praise God that we do not need to lose hope! Our God is indeed on the throne and ready to work in mighty ways on our behalf is we only pray and seek His will for our lives. I am asking much I know, but will you remember to lift "SUFFERING and EVIL" to His throne of grace and to be daily faithful praying for one another and for World Peace, and for ISRAEL ... Also to send more missionaries to minister to them that do not know.

God bless you and the family as you continue to be daily faithful preaching from His WORD..
In Christian Love