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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Week Two of Jury Duty

I actually had a weekend off from preaching and it's been quite a while since I had a weekend where I wasn't preaching somewhere. I know that Todd Clark preached a powerful sermon on our Porter Ranch campus and that George Taggart hit a home run at our Westside campus. It is a joy to have these men in our preaching rotation. The Word of God never comes back void and I know that the WORD was mightily preached at Shepherd this weekend.

Tomorrow I start my second week of Jury Duty. It has been very enlightening seeing how our judicial system works. The strangest thing is NOT being able to talk about the evidence of the case with any of the other jurist. I keep wondering if they are thinking the same thing that I'm thinking. But we are not allowed to discuss ANY of the details until the lawyers are through presenting their case.

I've enjoyed getting to know the other jurist and even though they come from all different walks of life they are all united in doing their very best with this case.
They are such good, honest people that I'm convinced that collectively we will come to the correct decision at the conclusion of the trial.

Praying that each of YOU have a blessed week and thank you for your continued prayers. Lord willing, I will be preaching this coming weekend and I hope to see you there. We need people to switch to the Saturday 6:30 pm service. :) Just thought I would put that little bug in your ear again....

In love,



In Training said...

A lot of people dislike jury duty. I thought it was fascinating and a mini vacation from my normal life. How long is your case going to go?

Brad Meyer said...

suggestions for interesting jury duty California-style:
- talk to yourself/hear voices/refer to yourself in the 3rd person. twitching is a starter.
-saw a cool episode of some show where a juror randomly stops proceedings and asks attorneys questions directly.
-try to communicate with defendant non-verbally.
-stare at people noticeably.
-consider possible book deal scenarios and plan accordingly.
-try to get jurors to hum the Disney song "It's a small world after all" in unison while defense attorney speaks.
-remember 12 Angry Men the re-make is in there somewhere.
-insist on organic/vegan foods for lunch/wear a doctor's mask.
-refuse to set phone to vibrate and let phone ring.
-submit expense report to the court.
-bring animal companion to court.
-play with a game-boy during trial.
-show-up late to court in pajamas and sunglasses. moon-walk into jury box.