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Friday, December 15, 2006

A quick thought or two

Went to sleep last night around midnight and woke up this morning at 5:30 am and got to the church around 6:30 this morning. Going to work on my sermon for this weekend.
Have to be back in the jury box around 9:15 this morning. Still trying to figure out why we have to go back when we already reached a verdict yesterday afternoon.

I guess I'll know in a couple of hours.

I read this morning what Job told the Lord in Job 42:1. It reads..."Then Job replied to the Lord: I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted."

Think about that for a moment. I KNOW THAT YOU (LORD) can do ALL THINGS. NO PLAN OF THE LORDS CAN BE THWARTED. I think if we truly believed that then we wouldn't worry about anything. Knowing that God is in control and that he can do ALL THINGS, then all I really need to do is to trust in Him.

I think I'm going to rest in that truth alllllllllllllllllll day today.

It's always a blessed feeling to know that the Lord is all powerful and that in Him we have nothing to fear.

Praying that each of you has a wonderful day and Lord Willing I will see you this weekend in church. Saturday at 6:30 p.m. wwjd


jeff perrin said...

WWJD....we know what Jesus would do...He was perfect..

But always remember it backwards...

No matter how down you are, finances, health, business etc etc

devil just won't win

Dudley, you got that right, TRUST.
the question is WHAT?...
what are you going to trust in?
i always read the WWJD backwards to reming me that i might be knocked down, tired and just worn out...but the devil just won't win...get back up, and the get up again.....
see ya in church, hopefully Saturday at 6:30 service

In Training said...

Thanks Pastor D for getting up early to prepare for us.
I appreciate the thought and energy you put into the lesson. Thank you! God's word through you has made a big difference in my husband and my life. My husband and I have attended since October. We became members of Shepherd last week -we will see you Sat 6:30!

Kind Regards

Another Soldier For Christ said...

Just wanted to let you know I am happy to see what a great father you are. During all this - preparing sermons, dury duty, starting a new church, you still manage to make time to be at both your childrens basketball practices. And that is just the interaction I see. I applaud you for that. Keep being an amazing Father and witness. God Bless!

† Phoebe said...

So, here we go toodleing off to church Saturday night at 6:30 because Dudley is pushing for 6:30 this Saturday so SOMETHING must be up! I was full of anticipation to see what so going to be SO special about going Saturday to 6:30 service (which is actually the service I prefer - when not singing in choir on Sundays).

This weekend was special - I wasn't able to join the choir for our chrismas treat due to a tailbone injury that didn't allow me to attend practices for three weeks - but by Gods Grace and divine healing - all is going well and I'll be joining back into Choir after the new year.
ok..back to Saturday...

For those of you that didn't attend Saturday service at 6:30 pm you missed out on a VERY special Treat! - the NEW HD Video Screen!!!!

All the thoughts of what could be special were very wrong (to a degree) first thought was maybe a special baptism for some from Westside (which we actually did have one person from Torance come specifally to be baptized!)..My other thoughts were some special announcement - but why only 6:30 pm? So many things ran through my head but none compared to what we actaully got!

To be the FIRST Service to View the NEW HD Video Screen! What an honor! I've seen the old screen, large and solid, carefully lowered into place..but I know it came down after last weekend service, something to do with the Two from Galilee production.

Ok, so some of you are wondering why that was SO FANTASTIC! I mean, you specifically go to Saturday night services so you get Dudley LIVE and don't ever have to SEE the video!...Honestly what makes you so special - are we not ALL God's children and should share in the Glory of God!? In 19 years, this is the first Saturday night video and Know Everyone Present was BLESSED. So in the future, when Saturday night service gets a video (which I doubt will be at all often) - Praise God for giving Dudley the rest he needs to bring the MESSAGE to the next group of Blessed Followers!

Thanks for such a great experience Dudley! May your week be more blessed then you could imagine and may your prayers all be answered - in God's time of course!

In Jesus Name -