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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Church this Weekend

Church is going to be exciting this weekend.

Can you bring a friend with you????

Can you bring your Bible????

Can you pray before you enter that God would speak to your heart???

Can you bring your BEST offering???

Can you attend the Saturday evening 6:30 service????

Can you commit to be on time and stay for the duration of the service???

I promise I'll do my best....

Will YOU do YOUR BEST???


Graziadio said...

Anyone know the name of the video/film clip on the slave ship? That was so moving!

Angie J. said...

The name of the movie is "Amistad".
Angie J.

davidnelson said...

We haven't missed a Saterday 5pm service in over 2 years. That was because of the fires in Santa Clarita had the fwys closed for 2 days.

We will continue be there open minded, open hearted and ready to let GOD work through us and in us.

GOD bless Our wonderful church. Thank you Dudley for sharing your gift of clearly communicating GOD's word with us. Doing so helps guide us and keep us focused in true life with HIM.

In His Love,
David N.