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Monday, November 13, 2006


I loved church this past weekend. I love preaching through God's word. A very strange thing happened Saturday night. Someone stood up and interrupted my sermon and started asking questions... It was bazaar.. I asked the gentleman to sit down and made it very clear that I could not answer his question at that time and HE KEPT ASKING QUESTIONS... I don't know if that has ever happened to me before. I've seen a lot of people get up and walk out but I've never seen anyone stand up and interrupt the service like that. It was rather rude. I spend a lot of time working on my sermons. Then they are recorded where anyone in the world can watch them at And when this man stood up he forced us to re-record the entire sermon... A lot of people spent a lot of hours in preparation for this one service and this one guy put all that work down the drain. Can you imagine what would happen if anyone who wanted to ask a question would stand up and just start yelling out their question? It would be total chaos. I am still in a state of shock over the whole thing but the thing that bothers me the most is that it was distracting for people who were there to listen and learn. There could have been an unsaved person right there who was on the verge of giving their life to Jesus and after this they might think this is the strangest church in America. Well, we pray that you'll keep coming to church in spite of a few distractions.

We had a wonderful morning at the Westside Campus. It is so exciting to see God building up this new church. There is such a need. People are so anxious to hear the word. Try to come visit us sometime and you can check out this new campus at

I'm a tad tired.. so I'm going to hit the hay!

Dud Man


Work In Progress said...

I was there on Saturday and I have to say, I think you handled the situation very, very well! It was not an easy situation and I appreciated the fact you stayed on track for the rest of the congregation.

I also have to say, I learned a VERY important lesson of appreciation on that Veteran's Day. When that gentleman made a scene - I suddenly wondered if our safety was at risk (even though I know Shepherd has great security). We could have easily been the target of a hate crime just for our religion. Then it occured to me - this is a REAL fear some Christians face DAILY! We are SOOO lucky to have had soldiers fight for our freedom - so we can walk in and out of church with no real concern for our safety. It is a gift I take for granted WAY too often, but Saturday really helped open my eyes!

Scott V. Smith said...

When the church gathers together the bible says things should be done "decently and in order." I wasn't there but it seems from your account that he was out of order and I totally trust and believe you. You've earned that respect. That said, I have a question; What did he ask you? As a person who attends your church and does speak in tongues, usually in private or in a small prayer group and certainly not during S.O.T.Hills services, I was puzzled that your sermon focused on a negative, what praying in the spirit was not. I didn't disagree with any of what you preached because it was biblical. I recived your words as what God had to say to me that morning. I used to feel as you apparently do about tounges, knew all the verses to disprove it's validity for today, looked supisiously at all the TV evangelists that would try and make you feel less as a christian if you didn't have the "gift of the Holy Spirit." (All believers have the Holy Spirit.) I think I was more closed to the culture and arrogance of the Pentecostal movement than closed to God. I want everything God has for me as I believe in my heart that you do. I woke up from a dream one night speaking in tounges and was able to immediately quit smoking which had been a vice that had returned to me after being a christian for 7 years. Paul said "all do not speak in tounges" so it shouldn't be a surprise that some do and some don't and definitely not a reason for any christian to suppose they are somehow spiritually or intellectually superior because they do or don't speak in tounges. Paul also said "I speak in tongues more than you all." Acts 2, Corinthians 12 can be plausibly explained away but is that really a fruitful discussion amoungst christians? I have repeatedly seen tounges used as a a license tp perpetrate "whackoness" and to shield against sound doctrinal practice but God does sometimes use the seemingly foolish things to confound the wise. I'm so happy that you didn't say tounges was of the devil. Dudley, what would you do if you woke up one night and heard yourself speaking in a unknown tongue. I'll tell you what happened to me. I saw what the scriptures said on the subject profoundly differently.

Your Brother in Christ,

Scott V. Smith

Emma McCammon said...

I was at the service on Saturday evening when that fellow arose and started talking. I usually sit a few rows behind where he sits, but that night I was on the far side of the auditorium. Immediately I prayed that God would calm him down and that God would give you the calmness to continue with your sermon. What a distraction. In my opinion, you handled it very well. Emma McCammon

sarin said...

I am a UCI student and whenever I can not come to LA I listen to the service online same spot in the library. This week I tried and tried but I can not get it played and the people here are saying that You guys took the documents out. Is that correct? Can we not listen to the services online anymore???? That is so sad because I want to listen to the service "praying in the Spirit".