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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Religion and Politics

I know, I know, I know! A pastor always runs the risk of offending folks when it comes to politics... but I could NOT HELP MYSELF.... I loved this picture taken by our armed forces regarding Sen. John Kerry's remarks. I wanted to post this picture just to remind us all that we need to PRAY diligently for the men and women in the service. These BRAVE and extremely intelligent soldiers desperately need our prayers of support. Why not take a moment right now and thank God for all of the men and women stationed around the globe that willingly serve and defend the United States of America? May God's hedge of protection be around each and every soldier.

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Ralph Shaffer said...

The picture shows what many in the
military feel about Mr. Kerry's
speech and action over the years
going back to 1972. Our son, Steven is in the USAF and has one
tour overseas already, and Mr.
Kerry's comments only hurt us all.