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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jrue and Justin Holiday

No I didn't grow two extra heads. :) This a silly picture of Jrue and Justin Holiday. These two young men attend Campbell Hall High School and happen to be two of the best basketball players in the country. To your right is Justin Holiday,a Senior, who just signed a letter of intent to play for the University of Washington. To your left is Jrue Holiday which is the number 2 rated player in the country in the 08 class. If you look for them you'll see them here at Shepherd on Sunday at one of our morning worship services. Both of these young men are quality guys. They compete at the highest level yet they love the Lord. They traveled with us to Japan on a missionary trip. I was blessed to be able to coach them this summer on a travel team. My son Dallas has transferred to Campbell Hall for his Jr year and the 3 of these young men make quite a team. Please keep these 3 young men in your prayers. They have an opportunity to really be a witness for Christ on and off the Court.


jeff perrin said...

God Bless to you both. As "facing the Giants" movie stated
"Give God our best in every area"
If we win we praise him
If we loose we praise him

Always keep Christ as your focus

jeff perrin said...

Thanks Dudley, you can see the happiness in all three of your faces.
Jrue and Justin are very fortunate to have you as there Pastor and Friend
God Bless to you all